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June 14 2012

If the Beatles met the Browncoats... ...they might have produced this excellent mashup t-shirt picturing the Serenity space craft in the Yellow Submarine style.

I got the limited edition turquoise shirt from Ript.
yes love me some ript apparel. but i like the alternate color options at red bubble too.
hmm, kind of surprised no one seems to have posted this mashup shirt either.
Aw man, I would have appreciated seeing this shirt in time for it to ship for Father's Day... *doh*
Jubal Early is the Nowhere Man; the blue-hands men are the Blue Meanies (I mean, duh); the Reavers would be, hmmmm, the vacuum-cleaner beast?

It's all too much, man.
and Shepherd Book is Sgt. Pepper!
Yoink, I thought the exact same could you do this shirt without the Blue Meanies? I mean come on, they're blue hands!!
Made my day. I grew up on Yellow Submarine... I should definitely order this thing.

Yoink, you're right, the Reavers are definitely the sucky beast. But I disagree about the blue meanies actually. The Bonkers are a lot more intimidating!
This is stunningily similar to a tshirt design I had rejected by I believe something is rotten in this online tshirt design community.
The similarities between the two graphics are remarkable.

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