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June 14 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith #11. The start of the next arc.

It's kinda ridiculous how much I love this book. Every page is a treat to read, especially when Rebekah is on art duty!

It's really telling how after just a couple of issues, Sophie and Lavinia already feel like a part of the Buffyverse, whilst none of the new characters over in Buffy's book have started to gel with me. Even Dowling, after having the majority of the season to settle into the story, has yet to really feel like he belongs in this world, to me at least. Wonder if there would be any chance of having Christos and Rebekah move over to Buffy for the next season, assuming of course that they stick with the two book set up. I'd love to see what they could do with Buffy's cast.
I love how the characters are drawn by Mrs Isaacs.
This is good, I'm intrigued and want more.
It's incredible the level of quality Christos Gage is able to consistently bring to this book while Buffy Season 9 flounders around trying to find its voice. These few pages are more entertaining than the entire last issue of Buffy.
Glad Willow called Angel out, but together I think they can cause a lot of trouble. I worry about her quest to restore magic and how far she'll go. Seriously can't wait for this, so excited.
Got the chance yesterday to tell Christos in person that I think they're doing the best work in the Buffyverse since Season 8 began. Looks like it'll continue to be that way.
TheAntHippie agreed. I hold Buffy to such high standards (mainly the TV series) but I'm constantly flummoxed by how A&F sort of usurp that place in my mind by its riveting characterization and superb plot line. I think it may have to do with the fact that whereas in Buffy we're dealing with a few major characters less than the previous time, in A&F the story revolves pretty tightly around the titular characters, so there's more time spent to develop them. But I trust Buffy will still turn out a great season, in the end.
Gotta say it. Fell in love with Sophie and Lavinia. I am so uber excited they are sticking around. I haven't been this giddy about a character intro in the buffy-verse since Anya was made a regular.
Was it just me...or did they basically said that they've met willow before?!
It is indeed implied that Willow met the aunts when Giles was rehabilitating her in his house after her S6 Dark Willow arc. Funny that Willow calls it 'when I was training with Giles in his estate'. I am weirdly attracted to this preview - the tension is so visible in that room - you can cut it with a knife.
I'm enjoying it as well. I was glad to hear that Christos is going to be around for season 10, too.

On the other hand, I haven't particularly liked the last 20 issues or so of the Buffy comic. But I keep reading.
Interesting that Willow said that she didn't regret bringing Buffy back, since Willow's character arc in season 8 centred around (one of) Willow's 'betrayal(s)' being due to sort of blaming Buffy for Tara's death and wanting to keep Kennedy out of her way as much as possible.

I suppose this doesn't necessarily mean that she regrets bringing Buffy back, but if in some small way she blames herself for Tara's death because she brought Buffy back, then there must be some regret there right?

On the other hand, none of that is actually any of Angel's business, I don't really see Willow telling Angel anything more than he needs to know. I suppose there is de facto friendship between all of these characters, but none of them are exactly best buds.

LOVE that the aunts are still around. This arc is going to be SO INTERESTING! :)
I'd say that whether or not Willow had met Sophie and Lavinia before was less 'implied' and more 'stated as fact'. ;)
They should make an animated series out of this. I haven't read Buffy since the start of S8, but I keep buying A&F even though I (a comic dummy) told myself not too. I haven't read the issues but follow all the talk about it (and like what I hear) and plan to read the whole thing when this season's done.
@insistondoubt. I disagree that Angel & Willow aren't friends...well they definately were before the events of Season 8. I think there was a mutual affection there (see her coming to help him in Angel Season 4, and the affectionate hug at the end of "Orpheus")
I just assumed that since Angel killed Giles, Willow's affection for him (understandably, and probably in the case of all the characters) will have been substantially muted.
Ah ok - I thought you meant that there never was a friendship between them.
Very much love where this is going. A) Love that Willow knows the aunts. Nice bit of continuity in getting a sliver of backstory to her stint in magic-rehab. B)Faith's face when Angel and Willow are fighting is priceless. Total "mom letting the kids fight it out". C)Can't wait to see what Willow plans for Connor (aside from what we already know from solicits of course).

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