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June 14 2012

The Dark Knight, Interrupted. Earth's mightiest heroes lighten things up in this Dork Tower comic strip.

Pretty funny. Although I hope people don't walk away feeling the Avengers was enjoyable and humorous and nothing else.
batmarlowe, I completely agree. It seems a common mistake, anyway, to think that serious and profound go only together (and serious and funny can also go together very nicely). Although this strip rather sent up that po-faced 'I'm meaningful because I'm dark' thing too. I would also say that the Nolan Batman films have rather more humour than they are sometimes credited with.
Wow. That strip seems to imply, to me anyway, that The Avengers is a meaningless, light entertainment for kids. Maybe that's not what they intended, but that's what I got from it.
Personally I thought they were saying that Batman was a pretentious gloomy brooding tortured guy who has no fun at all, and that Avengers is more fun than a barrel of monkeys (which I would totally agree with).
Maybe I'm confused but I thought this was already posted here.

Edited. Never mind. I checked the archives and it wasn't posted yet. I must've seen it on a comic site.

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There was a comment on a post that linked to it. So... you did see it here, but it wasn't posted hehe ;o)
Lar DeSouza art! Cool!
Looks like that comic is more of an inkblot that probably even the artist realized.

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