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June 15 2012

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #10. Some interesting stuff is talked about.

Angel Island was supposed to be funny? Huh.
I laughed.
The funny was in the awkwardness that it generated. By itself, it's just a name.
Not a lot of information in all of this.
Liked this Q/A session a lot. Quite a few unexpected answers, actually. Glad to hear that 'residual magic on Earth' does not mean actual Apocalypses. Although it is like arguing over if a tropical storm qualifies as a hurricane... in a sense.

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Right, this interview led me to believe I missed the Angel Island joke, too. I've never been to Angel Island. Maybe the people who have been there can explain it. I thought... Buffy was just being lame. Like, if I had a girlfriend named "Pear" or "Plunger" and someone was like, "Do you want this pear?" or "My toilet is clogged and I don't have a plunger" and I would be like, "God, just the name PLUNGER sends tickles down my spine. tee hee. Say it again!"
"God, just the name PLUNGER sends tickles down my spine. tee hee. Say it again!"

Well, to be fair, if you told me that your girlfriend was called Plunger, I'd probably find that funny too... ;)

I think that it was less that Buffy found the island's name funny and more that she found the irony of her going to a place called Angel Island with Spike (under somewhat awkward relationship related circumstances) to be kind of amusing. That's how I read it anyway.
Given what happened in season 8, I don't really understand how Buffy could smile hearing that name. I thought she was still traumatized. Trauma over? Funny now?

I found it upsetting.

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