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June 15 2012

Rose Watches "Buffy." Like Mark, this blogger is watching and discussing the series episode by episode.

Why no posts since April?
. . . She apparently has some hate for Xander. Poor Xander, he's one of my favorite characters and doesn't get enough love.
My sister hates Xander for leaving Anya at the altar the way he did. HATES him.
I do think it hurts a blog (ie makes the readers lose interest) when the blog isn't kept up on a regular basis. I started to follow Mark when he was reading "Hunger Games' and I couldn't wait to read his review of each new chapter. And then he started to watch 'Firefly'! THAT really got me going! If he had left me hanging for weeks then I would certainly have given up in disgust instead of making him one of my favorite weekday reads.
So I wonder whether it is even worthwhile to post a link to a blog that hasn't been updated in so long? Do we know if she is even planning to continue? Nothing against Rose (although I do think that hating characters does close the blogger off from following the story line... I frequently hate characters, but I don't consider myself an authority on their story line!), but she doesn't seem very dedicated to her pro ported purpose here.
I'm not a huge Xander fan myself but she seems to have a huge hate-on for him and it is a little off-putting. I sent a message to the site asking if she planned on continuing so here's hoping. But Mark? Mark is the gift that keeps on giving, he's become part of my daily ritual, first I come here and then I check Mark. I don't remember who first put up the link here to Mark Watches but thank you thank you thank you!!!! Tomorrow (June 18) Mark does The Gift. Anyone who hasn't checked him out yet should run as fast as you can.
I can understand hating Xander (though I do not), but I was really surprised to read she hated Jane Espenson (or at least her writing) going so far as to write (in the review of Gingerbread) that she douted Jane watches the show. Even weirder (for me anyway) she said her favorite Jane episode is Doublemeat Palace.
It is interesting to read views that are different than your own, but that's just too different from my own.
I was going to read this blog until I saw that she won't be reviewing Season 7 because to her it's not part of the show. I decided then that I probably wouldn't like her posts.
She said that, but I have to wonder if she was joking, because the tag under the title says "One Rose, 144 episodes" which would mean including season 7...

It does look like she posts rather infrequently... so I have a feeling she is continuing just... verrrrry slowly.
She talks about why she hates Jane Espenson's writing in her review of "Band Candy." And needless to say, she didn't much like that episode either. Seriously, who doesn't like "Band Candy??" That episode is awesome!
Hello everyone! I'm Rose, the blogger in question.

First of all, thanks to everyone here for reading my blog! I've been out of town this past week and didn't see your comments until today, but I appreciate the interest.

I started this blog mainly to share my fannish ranting with my friends, many of whom love Buffy as much as I do. I never had a large readership in mind, thus the sporadic bursts of updating and unbridled anger toward Xander. So I understand some of my more emotional moments being off-putting, considering I only really had friends in mind, who are quite used to my emotional moments.

Part of the reason for the long hiatus is that I recently moved across the country and have lost contact with many former readers. I'd actually begun thinking of ways to revamp the blog and expand my readership. A few personal events have delayed this process, but it looks like Whedonesque has helped accelerate them for me!

So while Espenson's dialogue still grates on me, and let's just say that I'm never going to learn to love Xander or Season 7, the blog will go on. My plan is (and always was) to write one review a week, and I will hopefully put up my next review on Sunday.

And to address a few of your comments, the only reason I might not review Season 7 is if I never get to it; I plan on reviewing it! And I hope I don't seem closed off to Xander as a character completely. I mean, The Zeppo...that's top 5 material.


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