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June 15 2012

"Past the brink of tacit support": Fan Activism and the Whedonverses. A journal article about activism by Whedon fans. Includes analysis of Whedonesque posters' responses to Joss's "Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death" post. The article is part of an entire issue examining activism in various fandoms.

The relevance here in part is a lot of people here are cited in it.
That was welll worth reading.
Note that it's part of the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, which covers a lot of other angles and fandoms, some of which people here probably are a part of.
This is a wonderful article, and although it is not covering any new ground for any of us, it nevertheless deserves our attention. I really enjoyed reading it.
Reading QuoterGal's quote again brought tears to my eyes.
Some info regarding Joss' post that posters may or may not be aware of:

1) It was the most widely read entry at Whedonesque by far for several years (Joss' post-Avengers post is now the most viewed entry)

2) No one wanted to post another entry after he posted. We were all pretty much stunned. There was about a 13/14 hour gap before someone (me) posted another entry.

3) What he wrote still invites debate even today.

4) Joss' consent was sought to have his entry republished in Nothing But Red.
It's to bad that Sansmercy was banned for her comments. It was a very emotional topic for her and it would have been nice if she could have responded to Joss.
This is a wonderful article. Bravo, Tanya! And bigsofty I'm right there with you, QuoterGal's quote in there brought tears to my eyes. I feel a little choked up in general, because Whedon has inspired so many people to work so hard to make the world a better place, and I feel so damn lucky to be a part of it!
It is a wonderful analysis. I wasn't around when the post was, um, posted. I can't imagine what that must have been like for the fans who were active then.

I truly hope that I can live some of the ideals that the post and your comments inspire.

@Simon, thanks for those additional pieces of information.

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That was excellent.
I was just thinking today where Joss fell on "Tomb Raider"-gate from the trailer at E3, on account of that post.
I cannot express sufficiently the joy I feel at reading the article and hope the inspiration many of us who responded to Joss' plea on that day more than five years ago felt, keeps going out into the universe; through this article, through others, through Can't Stop the Serenity, through private donations. I hope many have seen Joss' speech at the Equality Now 20th Anniversary event. I found the whole program on YouTube: At 47:00 - short but succinct.

I've given probably $1,000 to Equality Now, the organization Joss called "A place of sanity", since 2007, including a beautiful item auctioned off last year, with all of the funds going to them. I wish it were a million, scores of millions. Keep going, keep strong, remember Du'a Khalil and all those who are the victims of that senseless beast called honour killing: Memini.
Once again, I am humbled and proud to call myself a fan and a part of Whedonesque.

QuoterGal -- Words fail me. But I want to say this:

I'm proud of you.
Thank you for the kind comments. One of the reasons I wrote the article was to remind us (and others) of the work that we have to keep doing. If the essay does that, I will be thrilled.

Though I am shy online (I don't post much; in fact, this is my first one, I think), I want all of you to know how much I value this community.

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