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June 15 2012

Leverage hosts an Angel reunion. Christian Kane and Adam Baldwin to reunite on an episode of Leverage, titled "The Rundown Job", which is scheduled to air in the fall.

I love Leverage, so my DVR is already set to record... but I'll definitely be looking forward to this episode!
Whooo! This makes me even more excited for Leverage to come back! Adam Baldwin needs to guest on all of my shows!
David B has been tweeting about the next being the last season of Bones, and Christian said he's welcome to come on Leverage.
I do think that Bones is probably ready to end now. As much as I like the show, it's pretty much run its course, I'd say. David on Leverage could be a riot though, given how close he and Christian are in real life. I'd look forward to that happening.

Adam on anything is always worth a watch, and as a fan of Leverage anyway, this is all good news!
Adam Baldwin and "Leverage" exec producer Dean Devlin are good friends - I believe Devlin began his career as a production assistant on "My Bodyguard," which starred Baldwin. If I remember correctly, both of them (Baldwin and Devlin) have mentioned in the press that they'd like this to happen, so ... good!
Baldwin and Devlin also worked together on Independence Day.
It's probably just coincidence but Adam's character in Independence Day was an Air Force major named Mitchell, which always tickles me when I start to imagine that character and Ben Browder's Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell from Stargate SG-1 (which Adam did guest shot in, as Colonel Dave Dixon) are related. Mainly since Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich created the Stargate universe and I want to think it's a tiny homage :P

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