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June 17 2012

Clare Kramer interviews Amber Benson. Not so much this but more of a fun five minute chat.

I love that you linked that photo Simon! And I'm really enjoying this conversation (although I'm having buffering trouble) about sushi and vegetarian/vegan diets. They are both very funny. Oh good, they are finally discussing writing now, half way through the 'interview'. So yeah, it is not brain sucking, but it is also not really much of an interview, more of (as Simon said) a fun five minute chat.
My computer refuses the play the last 5-10 seconds, so as far as I'm concerned, the picture Simon linked could very well still represent the contents of the video. I think I'll imagine that it does.
I wish they would put this podcast on itunes. Then I could subscribe, listen on my iphone and not have buffering issues.
Amber Benson talking with buffering problems reminded me of Tara circa Season 4. :)
I didn't knew that Clare auditioned for Sookie

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