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June 18 2012

The Cabin in the Woods takes $85k from seven screens in Australia. That equates to a per screen average of $12,165. Not too bad for a film that was going to go straight to DVD until the fans made their voice heard.

That's very good! As you may remember, we had a similar fan campaign in Sweden, and got a limited cinema release. The film did OK, 113 k$ in the first four weeks. Probably more profitable than straight-to-dvd, but I don't know the economy of such decisions. Here in Stockholm the movie is still running, in a small theatre but still, almost sold out.
If the film ran for 4 weeks, that's probably a sign that it didn't do badly. I think it ran about 3 or 4 weeks here (and I live in a small city where films get switched up quickly due to a small number of screens), I saw it 3 times and each time the audience got bigger. So I think it did solidly here too, despite its relatively short time running. Not spectacular, just not bad either.

Edit: "here" is Belgium.

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