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June 18 2012

Chris Hemsworth talks Thor 2, The Avengers and working with Joss. He talks about his recent query at the recent Wizard World Comic Con.

"Reading that, and on the page it said, 'And Hulk smashes Thor and his big Norse face.'"

Oh Joss. Just write scripts for the rest of the film industry from now on, k?!

But honestly, I love Chris Hemsworth. I'm so glad he got to work with Joss on two films already, and I'm REALLY hoping they work together again on Avengers 2.

And him and Tom's bromance is just adorable. XD
Well referring to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' as a blockbuster was kind of wishful thinking, but I think that Chris has really had a chance to show Hollywood that he can carry a film and play a lot of different roles.
I just saw Snow White and the Huntsman yesterday and Chris was great. He was my favorite part of the movie.
Three Australian themed entries in a row? That's a record I think.
Why? It cost 170m, it came out during summer, had a lot of names and has a worldwide total of 247m right now. Seems like a blockbuster to me.
A worldwide total of $247m is pretty poor for a film that cost $170m to make. It would need to make somewhere around $500m just to break even.
I adore Chris Hemsworth. He's not just a pretty face, he's a darn good actor with so much potential. I do enjoy a good action film but I really would love to see Chris dive into a drama. Preferabbly directed by Joss. Co-starring Tom Hidddleston. One could dream.
If I was 14 that picture would be a poster on my wall. Such a beautiful man.
He NEEDS to call me.
This wasn't an actual interview. This is a report from the panel. I was there and have an audio recording of it.

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