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June 18 2012

"Everything's Okay Now" - a video. Amy Acker is featured in this short hilarious YouTube video.

Haha that's a really funny vid. Great to see Amy Acker in anything, but especially in something this short and sweet.
Amy Acker needs to be in more stuff, funny video as well (had to look up who the guy was).
I didn't recognize him until the "I MADE THIS FOR YOU!" at the end.
Oh man, that's awesome! I love "I'm Reading a Book" and "Racist Coffee," so it's cool that he did something with Amy Acker. Fun video.
Sorry were they shouting? As that was totally awesome!
Hahaha this was fantastic!
I liked this very much. I loved the almost parallel universe feel of it. Amy, in particular, nailed the performance.
That was awesome.

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