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June 18 2012

Disney steps up efforts to bring "Avengers" to its parks. Our newest Whedon-related Heroes will be coming to a Disney Park near you.

Okay, I have always been a sucker for Disney's theme parks, and I'm sure 'Avengers' will be awesome.... Will it be part of Tomorrow Land or Fantasy Land?
its... :(

But - brilliant! I've still never been to any.

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So, would anything happen to The Incredible Hulk at Universal as a result? And every other Avenger they feature on Super Hero Island? Capt America was in full regalia when I was there in May.

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I was just at Disney World a few weeks ago and there was very little Avengers action in the parks. A monorail had a full body ad and there were about 3 small shelves in one gift shop in MGM that had souvenirs.

How about a hell carrier ride from hell? That's probably too similar to Star Tours.

They could add Thor to the Norway ride!

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Ok, I totally said this out loud this weekend to my husband... I want an Avengersland next time I visit Disneyland, they made so much freaking money with the money, why not?!! lets include a special featured section where a team of animatronic Joss Whedons give me purple quotes of wisdom. :D
I've been to Universal's Superhero Island, and it is just a series of roller coaster with posters of the super heros at the entrance....(they do have a cool comic book store with replicas of vintage comics though). Disney is talking about having an actual theme park ride which involves characters and a story.
embers, I assume you're excluding the Spider-Man ride? I thought that did an excellent job of using the world throughout the ride.
I'm a sucker for theme parks too. Can we have a Loki in Avengersland?
It answered my curiosity in the article too, apparently they're bringing the Avengers to Disneyland only since the rights to Marvel heroes in conjunction with theme parks is still with Universal Studios in Orlando. I didn't quite know/think they'd decide to license only to specific locations but that's fortunate for people who want to see a more thorough themed environment. Also it seems like they're still mostly using character designs from the 90s for the actors roaming the parks, which look painfully dated and awkward in the real world.
I kind of love Super Hero Island in Orlando. It's dated, sure, but that whole park has a super cool hokey '90s vibe to it. (Haven't been there, but even Harry Potter is narratively dated). Plus, the Hulk rollercoaster is just insane. I've lost some of my love for coasters recently, but that one is still tops. Exciting and enjoyable.
This will most likely go to DCA where Cars Land was just introduced. Disney does a much better job of implementing characters and new worlds into their parks than others like Universal or Six Flags. I'm hoping this will be something special. We probably won't see it for a few years though. I would expect either characters walking around or a parade-like show like they do with Phineas and Ferb.

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