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June 19 2012

Avengers opening credits, Firefly style. The cast of "The Avengers" gets put into the Firefly intro and theme song.

I'm surprised it took this long for someone to make it. I think it came out really well!

Very good & very well done.
Saw this on tumblr, then lost it when I reblogged! Glad to see it make The Black - so awesome!
Gotta reiterate the "very well done" sentiment.
Awesome! One of the best Firefly-style remakes I've seen!
I can't believe I'm saying this about anything, given how tired and overused they are, but I think I'd rather see a Buffy version.
Buffy one, a little slow, but gets better at the end: Avengers, Buffy style.
that was so cool i wonder if they will ever make an avengers tv show
Omygawd those are both very cool indeed. This, coupled with Gube in the tub and Hiddles activity makes for a most awesome day so far on the internets. ;)
I seem to remember a time before youtube, but it's hazy...
What did people used to do with all the free time they had not watching stuff like this?
Besides these two I also saw a Batman Begins/Harry Potter trailer on this guy's channel and I also saw Game of Thrones as a Rom-com. I need to get other stuff done today!!!
Wow, that was well done :) Favourited and subscribed! And passed along to others, just to drive them nuts...I will convert them to browncoats eventually.
Genius! That was great.
Been said, but bears repeating: very nicely done!
The credits are great but the song does not work with the movie (maybe if Live to Rise was played over the credits?).
You don't think the song fits, Simon? From what I remember of the film, the Chitauri were pretty clearly trying to take the sky from them.

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