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June 19 2012

Castle is a no show for Comic-Con 2012. Castle was not invited to this year's Comic-Con.

Not sure why post about event that is not happening. But... here is a link to the list of tv panels that are going to be there.

Bones is 'in'. That is probably going to be DB's last appearance as agent Booth on ComicCon - since he tweeted that after S8 he is free agent.
Five quid says there were will be a Much Ado About Nothing panel.
Yeah, a 'Much Ado About Nothing' panel (would an actual screening be too much to hope for?) would be awesome!
I'm not really surprised about no 'Castle', since it isn't really very comic book/sci-fi related.... But I'm a little surprised that the Powers that be want to open the door to fan reaction to the firing of Community's creator.
Sad news about David. He and the Bones panel have faithfully attended Comic Con every year. He and Emily are so good with the fans, very personable. It will be odd for them not to appear together again after next month.
Honestly, I don't think Castle (or Bones... or any police procedurals) really belong at Comic-Con. It's a comics/genre convention, there's nothing genre about those shows. How is it no one has come up with the idea to do a TV convention of similar scope?

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A little surprised "Castle" won't be there, as it brings with it Nathan Fillion, who is the epitome of a Comic-Con star. Is he appearing elsewhere at the event, or maybe he can't make it to Comic-Con and they don't want to do the panel without him ...?
Comic-Con has evolved into way more than just a comic book and related genre event, Mitholas, and I think that's a good thing, especially as so many genre stars have moved on to shows that otherwise wouldn't be there. Castle and Bones may not be science fiction or fantasy in nature but they do have enough connections to make them relevant. Fillion alone is pretty much the male embodiment of geek genre these days. The female equivalent being Felicia Day, naturally!

Real shame about there not being a Castle panel this time around but I'm certain that Nathan will show up one way or another.
Mitholas, regardless of its name, Comic Con hasn't been a comics/genre convention for a good number of years now. It's a testbed for all manner of media, genre or not.
Also, Latino Reviews says Joss' panel is Friday afternoon in Ballroom 20.
Well, that better not stop Nathan Fillion from dropping by. Imagine him interrupting Joss' annual disguise, of course. He's gotta come, no matter what.
By the way, if anyone here has in the past made use of my master list of Whedonesque-type events at SDCC, I'm not making one this year since I'm not going to be there. So, feel free to take the task.
Castle had been there the past few years and this is the first year they weren't invited. Of course this happens as I prepare for my first SDCC. grrr arrgh.
Keep in mind that it is the studios/networks that decide what shows they are taking so the lack of invite in on ABC studios, not SDCC. ABC will probably try to bring new shows like Last Resort, 666 Park Ave and Neighbors along with Once Upon a Time which makes sense. This is a marketing opportunity for them.
Bones is a superhero show, and Angela is the superhero. Her ability with computers is clearly supernatural. She's just content to remain in the background, let the others do the groundwork, and swoop in at the end with some nifty new computer technique she just whipped up and solve the case.

I'd love to see the origin story of how an art student acquired the ability to master computers.
I would be pretty shocked if Nathan didn't spend that weekend in SD anyway. I'm assuming he'll stop in at the SoCal Browncoats meeting, maybe do another autograph session at their booth, and probably spend the rest of the time at Zach Levi's Nerd HQ. When he isn't crashing his friends' panels. (No Chuck this year, but I'm thinking Joss' panel, anything Felicia is moderating, and mayhaps the Community one.)

...okay, now I'm sad that I skipped the insanity this year.

But I'm a little surprised that the Powers that be want to open the door to fan reaction to the firing of Community's creator.

Moderated questions. Each "big" room has a CC staffer who vets your question before you can ask it. That's why there were no Avengers questions during Joss' Dark Horse panel last year.

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There actually is a Castle comic, written by Brian M. Bendis of all folk, so it has pretty good Comic-Con credentials.
@embers: Like viewingfigures mentioned, there is a strong comic book connection, both in the past and coming this fall.

Maybe Comic-Con has "evolved" enough to be like SciFi (SyFy?) canceling actual sci-fi shows for wresting, or how MTV and VH1 don't show music videos anymore.

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I'd feel betrayed if the Community panel wasn't all about Dan. He's like that fandom's Whedon but less of an unapproachable superhero and more an unabashedly flawed everyman. One of us. If Whedon is God then Harmon is Jesus, basically.
Prepare to feel betrayed, Bunnies. Sony and NBC will be footing the bill for Community cast and producers so it won't be all about Dan.

As far as I'm concerned, Community was canceled. Can't wait to see what Harmon does next. :)
Oh b!x you're not going? Neither are we. I always make use of your awesome master list.

In that case I will try to post a good schedule with images on Buffyfest though, even though it will make me super sad to do so!

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