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June 19 2012

(SPOILER) Victor Gischler talks to Comic Book Resources about the Spike miniseries. There are also preview pages in the article.

I'm getting flashbacks to "Lovers Walk" - poor Spike. Love how the bugs seem to be trying to cheer him up.
Not gonna lie, these pencils get me really excited for this.... Just look at that panel with Spike and Buffy! Then look at him sitting there, gloom and despair hanging over him while he drinks....
August can't come soon enough.
The pencil work for this series looks amazing, doesn't it? Probably the first time I've seen the bugs drawn in a way that doesn't make them look odd. Or more odd than a spaceship full of walking talking bugs should look anyway...

I get the feeling that this may well be my first choice of Buffyverse book, come August. Although Angel and Faith will no doubt still be in strong contention.
Yeah, looks good! Though i'm not sure it's gonna be better than A & F ;) But it's gonna be an awesome fall (especially if the main book, Buffy, gets its **** together in the up-coming arc and starts to actually having a plot...)
Looks great, showing not telling. I can feel Spike's pain
Really like the art.
Spike sure looks purdy. :) I'm quite impressed with the art.

I read Gischler's Shotgun Opera some years back, but I'm not at all familiar with his work in comics. After reading reviews of Death of Dracula, I confess I feel some trepidation for this Spike miniseries. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
So apparently I'm an idiot and didn't see the colored Spike preview page...

OMG. AHHHHH. To FINALLY see Spike on his own, being that independent yet heart broken sap is amazing again. This truly feels like the start of Spike in the comics. How exciting.
Please give him something to do rather than moon over Buffy - been far too long in that vein and he is far too interesting a character to get lost in that loop forever.

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