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June 19 2012

CSTS screenings of Serenity this weekend. It's Joss' birthday on Saturday and there's nine screenings of Serenity in the US, Canada and the UK on or around that date.

Including the rare-these-days showing of a Firefly episode here at Portland's screening.
I'd complain about the lack of anything in LA, but we get enough good stuff out here that it would feel kinda entitled. So I'll just say: enjoy, Edmonton!
Woot woot! Toronto is ready for some thrilling heroics, yes we are!

Yes, Toronto is where it's at!!
Bah! Both UK screenings are miles away! :(
Grr argh, I'd really hoped there'd be a London one this year. Never mind, might watch it on DVD on my own :)
Everyone of you who are disappointed - it is not too late to organize a screening where you live! We just got another city registering this week. The screening events season goes until the end of Sept.

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