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June 19 2012

Season Ending TV Cliffhangers that actually paid off. A brief list of cliffhangers in Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV series that paid off in the following season. Buffy gets a mention.

Season 5 didn't end in a cliffhanger though. Buffy died- that was that. There wasn't any implication she'd be brought back.

The Season 6 finale with Spike getting his soul back would have been better for this list in my opinion.
Angel season one finale's cliffhanger should be there too, it definetly paid off.
You are 100% correct libradude.

What was the Angel season one? Darla in a box?
Believe it or not, when that episode aired I didn't remember who Darla was, so it was kind of anti-climactic for me.
Buffy is definitely a strange pick. I would agree with any of Supernatural's seasons 1-4 cliffhangers being on there.
I forgot about the Angel S1 cliffhanger. That darla reveal was great. I think even those who didn't watch Buffy before should have known her because she does appear in flashbacks in two episodes of that season "The Prodigal" (15) and "Five by Five" (18). But whether you knew who she was or not I think it paid off in a big way in season 2.

I agree that the season 6 cliffhanger with Spike should be there too. season 5 it just depends if you consider it a cliffhanger or not.
Farscape had great cliffhangers every season - always resolved well, until the unexpected cancellation after season four. Darned good thing they got to do the mini-series to wrap it up, as that last cliffhanger would have been a terrible way to end the show.
Yes, technically a cliffhanger means an un resolved situation and/or questions. "The Gift" was neither.
I seem to remember during that summer of 2001, a lot of fans asking "isn't Buffy dead?", "how is the show coming back?" and so on.
Yeah, up until the "Buffy Lives" billboards started going up, there were lots of questions as to what was going to happen... there are better choices, but it is still somewhat cliffhangery.

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