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June 20 2012

Out today - Angel & Faith Volume One: Live Through This. The trade paperback collects the first five issues and it's a really good read. And Dark Horse has an Angel & Faith Haiku contest where you can win a copy of the trade paperback signed by Christos Gage.

Yet another thing to put on my list of comics to buy.
Such good stuff. While I have my quibbles about Buffy season nine, Angel & Faith always pleases. (Seriously, the worse fault I could find with A&F is when Drusilla showed up there was a couple of issues where her eyes were colored brown, not blue.)
I will be buying my copy from Rebekah Isaacs this Friday...I hope she's willing to draw a quick sketch of Faith on the cover!
Alexreager, I am SO envious.
I added some info about a Dark Horse contest.
I hope we get a contest for non-us citizens with a real cool price. Would probably have to involve digital copies though.
shame it doesn't appear to get to uk until july
anyone know why the second edition of serenity:those left behind has been delayed? (just wondering if its going to have a different spine so it fits in with the other serenity hardbacks)

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