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June 20 2012

Cover art for Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Volume 3. "This deluxe hardcover edition collects Predators and Prey and Retreat, the fifth and sixth arcs of Season 8, along with three short stories originally published in MySpace Dark Horse Presents".

Awesome cover from Jo, as usual. Can't wait to have this on my bookshelf.
Buffy looks buff. I'm jealous of her forearms lol. But yes great cover. (A wee bit off topic sidebar; wonder if the S9 library books will feature a Buffy arc and an Angel & Faith arc in each book? I mean it's easier to fit two arcs in each book if you have a total of ten...fitting five arcs into a two-arcs-per-book format...not so much)
For the season nine books they could include include the Spike series in one of the Buffy volumes and the Willow series in one of the A&F volumes, which would give each series three ten-issue hardcovers.
Love it. Here's hoping Giles is on the last one.
loving the covers for these and they are great value compaired to similar editions published by idw etc (although i got the after the fall one for nearly the same price when it was released)

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