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June 20 2012

Buffy Season 9: Dark Horse lets Buffy grow up. Nice discussion on the Buffy Season Nine comic book series over at

Huh ? Have she even read S9 comic or just flipped through the first issue ?

31 year old ? normal person ?

Dawn and Xander ... have a mature relationship, complete with adult problems?

Willow is dealing with the lack of magic in the world, but she’s not “going dark” or pouting about it?
You beat me to it, dorotea. I was wondering when Buffy turned 31, and why we hadn't thrown a great big party here on Whedonesque in celebration of Buffy entering her 30s.
Yes, because when I think of growing up and maturing, I think of my body being transferred in to a robotic replica. Happens to us all, right?
Yes,some of this stuff in the article is off.
Plus the comics aren't compeltelyin comic-book time, they are still kinda-sorta set in the past.
Mistress of Peyn,
well there wasn't a big celebration, but there evidently was a post about it:

but as mentioned, this only applies if the buffyverse runs parallel with our timeline, which I'm not so sure it there any indication that it is (or isn't) 6/20/2012 in the buffyverse?
If Buffy at 31 is getting her first apartment-share, having her first alcoholic black-out at a party, and going through her first (non)pregnancy scare, her 'leap' into 'maturity' has been a long time coming. Maybe she has been a robot the past decade....
nswebb: Thanks! How did I miss that? *Scratches head and flips through calendar* Ahhh... visiting hubby's relatives in Tennessee.

I thought that Seasons 8 and 9 didn't follow real time. Hasn't that been discussed in the various comics threads?
I'm with dorotea. Seems like maybe someone just told her about the comic rather than she read them herself.
The comics make reference to recent pop culture, for example, Andrew is seen in one panel singing Lady Gaga's "Born this Way"; but the characters I think are only two-to-three years older since we left them in the Season 7 finale. The timeline is broken off from our own. On TV, you can do one season and have it equal one year of narrative. Comics move slower, at 22 pages a month. Season 8 ran 4 years; of course, the story wasn't long enough to actually equate to 4 years of narrative.
The comics, are, ostensibly, taking place in the past. Season eight was to have started about eighteen months after the destruction of Sunnydale, and season nine to have picked up a few months after the climax of season eight. So that would put season eight as occurring sometime in late 2004/early 2005, and season nine in late 2005 or early 2006.

However, there are numerous pop culture references that would seem to put seasons eight and nine as occurring in our current time (such as the aforementioned reference to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way.")

I think the best solution is to not try to pin down any kind of "real world" timeline to the slayerverse. Just accept it for what it is, and don't worry about slapping dates on everything. Even when the television series was running, they tended to play fast and loose with dates... when exactly was Buffy's birthday? How old was Spike?

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pacer: The conflicts about Buffy's birthday only occur if you include the S-1 stuff, before they'd really settled on anything. Same with SPike's age. Once these thigns were actually settled in the stories as oppsoed to throwaway dialogue and even more throwaway visual business, they stuck with them.
Of course there were pop culture problems; they gave erroneous dates to past events and mneitoned things thta enver existed like Babylon 5 collecotr's plates. I agree with baxter; the comics are set a few years in the past, but not at any specific time *in* the past, with a few anachronistic pop culture references.

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