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June 21 2012

Buffy characters as My Little Pony characters. There's a theme here.

A week or so ago, boredom encouraged me to think of something similar for The Avengers:

Captain America = Twilight Sparkle
Iron Man = Rarity
Hulk/Bruce Banner = Fluttershy
Thor = Pinkie Pie
Black Widow = Rainbow Dash
Hawkeye = Applejack
Agent Coulson = Spike
Nick Fury = Princess Celestia

Not a perfect correlation, but I think it works. :)
T-Sparx did do a memory spell on her friends, but it was actually a beneficial one that helped them remember that they were friends and broke them out of Discord's mind control. So she wins over Willow on that count, but then, Willow never enchanted a doll to make everyone want it so much that they started fighting.

And well done, @deepgirl187. :)
Speaking about my little pony, do a search on deviantart for 'my little pony buffy' and you'll see lots of great customs. Or look at mine

And why yes, this is shameless "Look at me!" behaviour.
I would say Princess Celestia is more like Giles, but other than that I agree with the whole list. And @deepgirl187, imagining Thor as Pinkie Pie is really amusing.

I once tried to write a Mrs. Dalloway/My Little Pony story, with Rarity as Clarissa (Clararity) entitled Mrs. didn't turn out so great.
I couldn't think of anyone as batshit crazy as Pinkie Pie (except maybe Loki, but that's a verrry different kind of crazy). But to the other characters, I imagine Thor is the one who the most outright weird, which Pinkie Pie definitely is.
And of course, there is the YouTube video of "My Little Pony" footage set to the "Bad Horse" song from "Dr. Horrible" :)
Harmony would be very upset about not being a unicorn.
Okay, can someone seriously explain why there's so much love for this new wave of My Little Pony? Is it just an ironic thing that spiralled out of control, or is it legitimately an amazing show somehow?
@Matt7325- it's a bit of both. I started watching it ironically, but it's actually a smart and amusing show. It's also very happy, which is important to me especially because I'm currently trying to catch up on Breaking Bad and finish The Wire.
It's that good. You have to keep in mind that it's a show for little girls and won't give you anything that doesn't belong in a show for little girls, but that's exactly why it's so good - it plays for its audience, and it respects them enough to maintain a high standard of quality anyway.

Pardon my blasphemy but in my opinion it beats anything Joss has done in terms of feminism.
Kairos I have never watched it but if what you are saying is true it makes me very very happy. Little girls need it to counteract everything else that exists.

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