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June 21 2012

The 50 greatest New York movies. The Avengers comes in at number nine on this Total Film list.

That's sort of ridiculous.
I sort of agree with b!x.

IMHO, The Avengers doesn't belong anywhere on this list.

And it seems you could pick almost any Woody Allen film and it would be a perfect match...Annie Hall, The Front, Hannah and Her Sisters, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Bullets over Broadway, Radio Days (or was that one more of a NY state movie?), Purple Rose of Cairo, half of Everyone Says I Love You was a NY film, Mighty Aphrodite, Curse of the Jade Dragon, Small Time Crooks was HILARIOUS (about a really dumb group of crooks tunneling under a bakery to get into a bank...they end up becoming cookie moguls!), the obvious New York Stories and Manhattan Murder Mystery, Husbands and Wives, the list just goes on and on...all NY movies. And my personal favorite (especially for this category), Broadway Danny Rose!

Danny Rose: "How old are you my dear?"
Old Lady: "I'm 94 years old."
Danny Rose: (to the crowd)"Lets hear it for her...94 years old...(turning back to the old lady) dont look a day over 93!"

And I had to edit to add:
One of my bucket List items is to do the run Woody does at the end of Broadway Danny Rose....running out of the Carnegie deli and down the street after Mia Farrow. Some day!

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Annie Hall would be my personal pick. But like you say, pretty much any Woody Allen film pre-2000s works.

And for non-Woody, I'd choose When Harry Met Sally.

EDIT: After Hours is an inspired pick, though. I love that film.

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There's no way that Avengers should be higher than Once Upon a Time in America or Dog Day Afternoon for starters.

Although whenever I have to picture New York, it has to be said that images from King Kong and Manhattan are the ones that spring to mind, rather than any of the many famous photographs that have been taken of the city over the decades. (I've never been myself.) The power of cinema, eh?

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I'm actually incredibly surprised 'You've Got Mail' didn't make the list. There's the entire discussion of how great New York is in the Fall. A main part of the plot is how big businesses are taking away the charm of small business in the city. And the entire last half hour is Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks popping up in different places around the city. The entire movie is a tribute to the city of New York.
I am glad that the Avengers is popping up on lists, though.
alexreager - In your otherwise excellent post, you listed The Front as a Woody Allen film. While he starred in the movie, he neither wrote nor directed it, so I wouldn't list it with the others that you mention. It is a hilarious film though.
I agree that The Avengers doesn't belong on this list, never mind in the top 10.
Ghostbusters number 1...above King Kong, Manhattan, or anything by Scorsese? I find that strange.
Agree with mossome. I kept expecting to see You've Got Mail come up on the screen, but no. It's as much a love-letter to NYC as any film I've seen.
@alexreager: Radio Days takes place in Brighton Beach/Coney Island, Brooklyn. It's definitely fair game.

As much as I enjoyed The Avengers, I'll go so far as to say that I'm offended that it's on this list. And they list Ghostbusters as the number one film, just ahead of Manhattan??? I'm sorry; there are useless lists and then there are useless lists, and then there's the sort of philistine, sciolistic hackery that these bozos put together. I need a drink. And a bagel with lox.
I'm going to throw in my "huh" with this list. Wasn't only a very small portion of Avengers even filmed in NYC?
I'm going to throw in my "huh" with this list. Wasn't only a very small portion of Avengers even filmed in NYC?

J. J. Hall | June 22, 20:32 CET

Yeah, the amount of filming IN the Big Apple was limited but that kind of guideline would disqualify at least the original King Kong and maybe a couple of other films shot on sound-stages mocked up to look like NYC (like West Side Story). And they're pretty heavily considered BIG for films featuring New York City.

Personally, I think The Avengers should be on the list, though lower down the rankings, because while Joss beats the living stink out of downtown NYC, I feel the city is an integral part of the final battle and through how the fight is staged and fought, you get an escalating sensation about how The Avengers are just going at the Chitauri like hammer and tongs in the name of saving the city because it's NEW YORK CITY and not just because it's where the portal was opened over...a subconscious resonance of "Not again! No one will lay this city out again! We will draw the line right here and let our enemy crawl over the wall built out of their fallen!"
Odd choice, but not entirely surprising. List authors, especially younger ones, often fall into the trap when making "best-of" lists of adding what the latest hot item into the mix is, without taking into consideration whether someone would really consider it a contender for that list in, say, ten years from now. You see it in all kinds of lists...I remember reading a SPIN mag list of the greatest female performers of all time several years back, and they'd put Britney Spears on it. Really?

In any event, in my opinion, for a movie to make this list, it has to exude "new york-y-ness"...the idea that the city is almost like it's own character, and that you couldn't really imagine the film being set anywhere else. To me, while NYC was a great choice, I don't see that being the case with Avengers (or Wall-E, or a couple of others on the list for that matter).

I could be wrong, but really, to exclude films like A Bronx Tale, Serpico, Kids, Coming To America, Fritz the Cat, The Basketball Diaries or Breakfast at Tiffany's in favor of movies that don't really scream "NEW YORK" at you for longer than a few minutes is odd.

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