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June 21 2012

Coolest onscreen spaceships. Serenity is #17.

It's good that this list has Serenity, considering it's missing some very cool ships like:
Moya - a ship that gave birth (from Farscape).
Talyn - her son, who struggled with being a warship.
Andromeda - though I didn't like the show, the ship itself was cool.
And since they had some non specific ones (like the Shadow ships from Babylon 5 which are amazing) they should also have had Cylon Basestars.
Also, the X-Wing Fighter. At number one, mandatory.
It really depends upon what you are looking for in a spaceship. I want something 'homey' where I can sit w/the crew and have a nice dinner. The Enterprise gives you a cool apartment with hot and cold running food in your own replicator, but it was so sterile and crowded and stiff (almost militaristic) that I don't think I would ever be comfortable living there). And as far as I could tell the Millennium Falcon didn't have bedrooms at all. Nope, for me I want to see the living quarters before I'll call it 'cool'.

It is my dream to build my own Serenity on land.
They where doing so well until they got to number 4! That's not a picture of the Galactica, it's the Pegasus, which ironicly looks 100 times more bad ass than the Galactica.
That's Galactica, Zoic_Fan. The Pegasus has several tube-shaped things on the back.

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