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June 21 2012

Red carpet, Avengers style. "Marvel"-ous fantasy fashion...

Could you rock a Hulk gown or Iron Man mini?

I'm guessing the big red bow for black widow's is just 'cause of scar-jo's booty.
I am not the dressy type, but I would rock that Thor look :)
Lovely illustrations - toss up between Thor and Black Widow ones for me (if I still had the figure)
I'm guessing the big red bow for black widow s is just 'cause of scar-jo's booty.

No. One of our follower's tweeted us to say "it's a red hourglass which is found on black widow spiders".
These are amazingly cool. Loooove the Hulk dress. It really does seem accoring to character sometimes; the model for the Iron man dress has an attitude and the Captain American one is very oldfashioned.
These are really fabulous and so smartly thought through. I love the Thor dress - that's the one I find most beautiful and elegant. But the Hulk dress has so much going on in terms of ideas that I think it might be my favourite overall.
The Hulk dress is my favorite, though if I were wearing it, I wouldn't want to wear the boa thing. I like her descriptions of them too, very fun. The Thor and Black Widow come in second for me, but with Thor's I wish the clutch could have turned out a little more hammer-y (to me it's more like the arm part of the armor...). They are all so cool though!
Don't envy her the task of transforming Coulson's suit into a dress, and, yeah, its probably the least successful, but some of those designs are truly fabulous.
Yeah, gotta say, love the use of the Shield logo for the Hill dress. Nift.

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