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June 22 2012

Abraham Lincoln versus Angelus. Who would win in that fight?

In every generation there is a chosen one. He alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. He is the President.
I'm actually looking forward to seeing this movie.It looks crazy enough to be fun.
12 score and 19 years ago, in Galway, Ireland, a drunken womanizing layabout by the name of Liam was sired into an immortal child of night.

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I'd give it to Angelus, simply because he fights nasty and has the strength and skill to back it up.

Even though Abe does have that axe that shoots, which is admittedly pretty cool.
Oh Angelus wouldn't settle for some kind of straight up fair fight, more likely he would seduce and turn Mary Todd and let HER take down Lincoln! But seriously I'm expecting poor Lincoln to be defeated at the box office this weekend (Rotten Tomatoes has convinced me to skip it, and I had been looking forward to it).
Alan Tudyk is in it, so there's a saving grace.
der! it would be angelus but i would tune in to see what alan tudyk is like, as he no kitty cat as alpha in dollhouse!
I think that Lincoln would persevere against Angelus until dumb luck (dawn approaching, a stray splinter) and Angelus's mighty ego kicked in. Then, Lincoln would slay him. Lincoln would simply need to survive for this moment and I think that he was stubborn enough to do it. Afterall, Lincoln did prevail in the face of a horrendous situation, a civil war of his country.
I did not know Alan Tudyk is in it. Now I'm gonna have to see it. Even though I think it would be better with more of a comedic tone.
I laughed at the initial concept but the trailer was pretty awesome. I may have to go see our tallest president slay some monsters.
I don't remember Buffyverse Vamps having garlic as a weakness. I am wrong?

Although it is never actually used to harm a vampire, Buffy and others do have garlic strung up around their rooms on multiple occasions. Especially in the earlier seasons. So, I think it is implied that vampires at least really dislike garlic in the Buffyverse.

On a side note, im pretty pumped for this movie. Plus Alan Tudyk is amazing. Hope it doesn't bomb. Although Brave is pretty much guaranteed the top spot in the box office...
The book is actually pretty good; writer Seth Grahame-Smith respects the traditional concept of vampires and handles it with some thoughtful touches, mixing real biographical history with imaginative cryptohistory. He's clearly aware of Buffy as a fictional precedent. From interviews with him and director Timur Bekmambetov, though, sounds like they are veering more to explosion than introspection; and with Timur (Night Watch, Wanted) at the helm, I suspect the story will play second fiddle to weird action sequences.
You're right, Simon, I forgot that Alan was in it. I will want to see it for him! And Patton Oswalt is promoting ' Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' (he is in that), which is also getting mixed reviews.

I was sorry to see that 'Avengers' is now gone from all theaters near me.
I have seen "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer" and, in my opinion, it is one of the visually ugliest mainstream studio films that I can remember. Maybe it looks better in two-D, but it was shot on HD video rather than film, and the combination of the HD and 3D makes everything look washed out and pixilated. Alan Tudyk is in it, but from some things he's said in interviews, I'm wondering if his part used to be larger. On the positive side, I thought that Benjamin Walker, who plays Lincoln, does a good job.
I saw it last night in 2D, and did not notice any washed-out or pixelation. It was overly loud at times though. Though I've never read the book, the movie still very much felt like a book adaptation in that at times it seemed like the pacing was odd to try to get in hit plot points.

It definitely felt like there should have been more time for Alan Tudyk's character, it being cut down would make sense. Overall 3/5 stars.

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I saw this yesterday and loved every minute of it. The mash up of dramas is perfect for a Buffy/Angel fan who wants a fun summer movie. I saw it in 3D and thought it looked great.

I recommend it as long as you aren't expecting some kind of heavy message movie. It's just plain old silly fun! I really don't understand the low score at rotten tomatoes. Some folks must need a humor booster shot or a stick removed from somewhere.

As has been mentioned, I don't think Angelus would go toe to toe with Lincoln, choosing rather to torture him by going after everything he holds dear instead. Now (evil) Spike would have been an interesting match, seeing as he's defeated not one, but two slayers, and tends to be more forthright in yearning for a real fight, but then again, he would have still been a toddler during the civil war, and on a different continent at that, so yeah, probably not.

Hmm, wonder how Darla would fare against Abey the Vampire Slayer?
I just got back from seeing the movie and I really enjoyed it, too little Alan Tudyk, but lots of melodramatic slayage fun (I saw it in 2D and I thought it was very pretty). I definitely disagree w/the critics who thought it should have been campy/played for laughs. So I guess I'll defy the critics and see 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' too.
I never listen to critics, and read very few reviews. Seems safer that way.
I read that the best way to see it is 2D as the 3D glasses make the screen very dark, forgot what caused it, something about the way it was shot. I am looking forward to seeing it.

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