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June 22 2012

Buffy studies inspires feminist readings of video games. Videoblogger Anita Sarkeesian cites Buffy studies as influential in her viewing of pop culture from a feminist, non-scholarly perspective.

This interview also covers Sarkeesian's recent experience as the target of online attacks for raising money in support of a series of videos analyzing video games.

Whoops, just noticed the history of posts re: Feminist Frequency on here. Baleet away, mods... the recent online backlash may still be interesting news to some, but probably not right for here.

[ edited by counti8 on 2012-06-22 19:54 ]
To clarify - there has only one post re: Feminist Frequency. Anyhow, it's nice to see the work in Buffy studies inspiring people. I've seem anecdotal evidence of it on LJ but never in interviews.

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