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June 22 2012

Amy Berg discusses how she got into TV writing after a chance meeting with Joss Whedon. The secret of her success? Sending him a one-act play about her fantasy of meeting Joss Whedon. Also, she sent wooden stakes. (She definitely doesn't recommend that for future writers.)

From about 14:50-20:30, she recounts how as a 22-year old, fresh out of college, she met with Whedon and David Greenwalt, and was in the running for a writer's spot on Buffy.

I believe she also told that story on one of the Nerdist Writer's Panel podcasts! (which are very enlightening and entertaining)
Yes, she told that story on her first appearance on the Nerdist Writer's podcasts. (That is here.) Every TV writer who hears it seems to be aghast. Or agog.

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I started to write a similar script a while ago about a showrunner searching for a writer and finding her (me) through clues like he would during a criminal case. Never finished and sent it though, cause in Germany it wouldnt get me anywhere...
Ah, somehow I missed the Nerdist panel previously -- that postcast was posted here in September.

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