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February 10 2004

Some Firefly Movie News? This originally came from Ain't it Cool. WARNING: Ain't it Cool has major spoilers for Angel on same page as the Firefly Info. The link posted here is safe.

For those who wish to remain spoiler free for Angel, the full text of Hercules' Firefly tip is: "Buzz inside certain Los Angeles law firms suggests that talent contracts are being hammered out, and they’re timed around a May start for an upcoming Universal feature about a starship captain, a space hooker, a mysterious preacher and a pair of fugitives named Tam. The bad news: under the scenario discussed, “Firefly: The Movie” wouldn’t hit multiplexes until late 2005."

(Link changed by me (Simon) to which has picked the news and reported it in full minus the major Angel spoilers).

That is good news indeed. Fingers crossed it's the real deal.
If there is any justice in the world (jury's still out on that) it'll happen.
I am cautiously optimistic. Did anyone see ME President Chris Buchanan's very recent message to Firefly fans on the Official Firefly board? I don't have the link to it, but it was reposted under the "news" section of Buchanan pretty much tells fans to be patient and gives hope -- saying that everyone is working hard on getting the final touches put on the movie deal and that things look encouraging.
I know this is some very wild speculation based on some very limited info but does anything think that Universal has asked for a smaller cast? As there is four characters not mentioned in Herc's paragraph.
Thanks phlebotinin for posting what was written. You provided all the information we need. For those that want to remain spoiler free don't go to the link. The first thing you see is a big Angel spoiler which I didn't know anything about. Unless you want to know what it is, there is really no need to go to the website....
lala, I too was spoiled by something I really didn't want to know about Angel. I really, really didn't want to know it. I'm truly sorry you got spoiled. Maybe I'll put my lead-in text warning in all caps.

You may be right, Simon, about limiting the number of Firefly characters for the movie. Hollywood does like to dumb down movies, doesn't it? The assumption might be that filmgoers aren't smart enough to keep track of 9 characters. Or it may be more money issues, like not wanting to pay 9 actors. Or it may be a creative concern, like how do you do proper justice to 9 characters over 2 hours and tell a ripping good story? The 9 characters deal on Firefly was ideal for television, because you knew that over time the subtleties of the interaction and the backstories and all that good stuff would be treated with proper respect. By Whedon & Co. anyway.

Hmmmm. I am still going to try to remain optimistic that all of the cast will be involved. And that the movie will indeed get made.
Don't worry about it phlebotinin :) Usually I can look at the link and pass by the spoiler but it was the first thing that caught my eye. I liked that you put all the information we needed in the comments field. I just didn't want anyone else to take a chance..
Whew. Thanks for the "don't worry," lala. I am extremely spoilerphobic so I understand how frustrating it can be to inadvertently see something, especially on the magnitude of what appears in the Hercules link I posted. I'm glad you posted what you did....that caused me to edit my description to make it even clearer that the Hercules link was dangerous to the Angel spoilerphobic.
phlebotinin I took the liberty of changing your URL to that of which reports the news without mentioning the Angel spoilers.
Fabulous. Much better. Thanks, Simon.
If Joss wants the whole cast he'll get the whole cast and he's already said he wouldn't do it without them - the fact that they are not mentioned maybe because they are the real crew of the ship and therefore by mentioning the captain they imply the crew as well.
Well, I think even the dumbest studio suit (and they can be pretty dumb, Lord knows) would not miss the massive comedy relief value of Adam Baldwin's Jayne. I'm pretty sure they would think he's one of the more marketable elements. I'm a little more concerned about Zoe and Wash -- but, there again, you think they'd want the hot-kick-ass-chick as that is such a proven element these days. Wash is the character I most relate to, but no one cares about me (well, no Hollywood suits, I mean!). Kaylee is the soul of the ship and I think Joss would not easily part with her.

From what I know of studio suits, they'd be more likely to want to cut the "mysterious preacher" (over 50 and spiritualy inclined = boring-to-the-unintelligent) who's gig is apparently secure here. (If I were forced to cut a character, I'd would drop the good shepard myself -- much as I get a kick out of seeing my favorite Barney Miller actor on a Joss Whedon show.)

Well, even in the likely scenario that all nine actors are featured SOMEONE (and possibly more than one someones) is likely to get short shrift -- though I have confidence in Joss's ability to give everyone at least one good scene. Still, I'm betting that one person we'll be seeing less of is likely to be Wash. Poor Alan Tudyk...It is only in Joss shows that the "Zeppo" is actually the funniest person around.

[ edited by bobster on 2004-02-10 21:04 ]
Could you also maybe post the warning not to click to the AICN page in the main description instead of under the "more..."? I just got spoiled because I clicked straight through. :(
Hope this helps. Sorry about that, melsta.
Thanks, phlebotinin! No worries. I was a little grr arrgh but I'm over it. :)
(as evidenced by my frownie being changed into a smiley)

Now I'm just holding out hope that [insert spoiler contents here] will only be a temporary situation.
And I should say: Thanks for posting the good Firefly news! 'Cause that's what's really important!
Hey, and even better news today. "Springboard to a series return"?! Fabulous! Does anyone know the source of the info?

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