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June 22 2012

Fran Kranz to introduce a special "The Cabin in the Woods" screening in Melbourne. The screening will be on 1 July at Cinema Nova (Carlton) following Oz Comic-Con (where Fran is a guest). Tickets are $25 and available from the convention. And with Fran being the stand out star of the film, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Oz Comic-Con also features Sean Maher, Julie Benz, Scott Allie and Jason Palmer, as well as STAN LEE!!

So annoyed that I live in Melbourne but will be in Sydney over that weekend! Still hoping to somehow score a ticket to the screening, I've seen "Cabin" twice already and looking to go a third time. Brilliant stuff.
If you can't attend Oz Comic-Con, you can pre-purchase them from New Melbourne Browncoats until 27 June. Details at
Fran has been very funny on twitter about Cabin. I imagine he will be a real hoot in person about it. And what a great lineup for the con as well.
@JenskiJen Thanks for the info! Already emailed through a request for tickets.
I am so picking up that ticket when I get there this Saturday. :D

I was lucky enough to see Cabin in Dubai when I was there last month, but hell yeah I wanna see it again!

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