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June 22 2012

Not so dynamite: TNT decides to not pick up Summer's new show. According to Deadline TV - via fan site - TNT has chosen to pass on the pilot for Scent of the Missing, giving the nod to TV legend David E. Kelley's new creation, Monday Mornings in its stead. The proposed series would have been based around the stories from author Susannah Charleston's book Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog.

The show's plot focused on a "tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue volunteer who works with an equally determined partner: her mischievous golden retriever" and starred former Battlestar Galactica femme fatale Tricia Helfer as the aforementioned volunteer, Susannah. Summer's role was as Susannah's newest team member, a socialite-turned-K9 handler named Sedona whose reasons for joining up were going to be a subplot of the series.

Summer is FREE AT LAST! Let's hope someone smart picks her up for the next great thing. Scent was never going anywhere and certainly wasn't going to help her career.

And actually the DEK show was picked up 6 weeks earlier in lieu of Tin Star. Scent remained in contention until this week.

So happy Summer is FREE AT LAST!

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On the other hand, another David E. Kelley series? Really?
It sounded like a bad 80s show.
I would think that a non-comedy show about an engaging search and rescue dog and his handlers would have a following of dog lovers and families and be a serious hit. But maybe not this particular show.
Always disappointed to see anything by DEK picked up.

I'd have liked to have seen Summer again, though I'm unsure as to how viable this project would have been.
I LIKE David E. Kelly. Will really miss Harry's Law. Summer's show sounded like a dog. Maybe she'll get a part on Kelly's new show. I like the way he writes women.
Let's have a good show with Summer on the air again now, shall we?

TV is lacking some serious Summer Glau and Amy Acker (well at least Amy seems to have gotten herself a recurring part on Person of Interest, hopefully).

Seeing these actors and actresses again in quality shows is one of the main reason I would love Joss to get a new TV show off the ground kinda now-ish rather than sooner :)
Sorry to those who would have enjoyed the show, but for me it didn't sound to great, so I hope to have her in something else sooon!

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