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June 22 2012

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! He turns 48 today. Been a great year for him so far.

Pleasant origin day is desired, Joss. (And if you all still don't know why I use that go watch Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.)
Happy Birthday :)
Happy Birthday, Joss. I wish you many more great stories.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my favorite writer/director. And thank you, sir, for changing my life for the better.
Happy Birthday! :D
Who knew he was a writer on the Coulson short? (if indeed IMDB is accurate).
Happy Birthday, sir!

May your life be filled with the shiny goodness that stories are made of.
Happy Birthday!

Have a great day with your family and friends
Dear Joss, Happiest Birthday! May you continue to have stunningly awesome success, joy, and fulfillment today and every day! Bless you for just being! I remember when we met on the walk for Mo, and how amazingly warm, kind, and awesome you were. Know how much you are loved, respected, admired, and truly treasured. Happy, happy day to you!
Happy Birthday.

All love.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Joss, you are quite the human. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to Joss
Who is totally boss!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
Happy birthday!
Happy beedz, Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss! I'm just finishing off a birthday cake right now! (It's for my husband, but please come over for a slice or two :D)
Happy Birthday Boss!! I wish you all the best...Thanks for everything! :))
Joyeux Anniversaire! Happy Birthday Mr Whedon!
Thank you for being in the world, Joss and thanks to yo mamma, too!
Happy birthday, thou blessed soul, thou modern bard!

Thanks for the many beautiful things you've accomplished
and may love always accompany your ways!
Happy coming out of your mother day! (birthday)
Happy Birthday Joss! Hope it's a great one full of love, fun and lots of cake!
Happy birthday, Joss! Have mucho love and cake!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday Joss! It's been a Banner year for you so far, & while many more recognize your talent, we aren't out of the Woods yet. There is Nothing I'd like more than to have the whole world rise up in birthday greetings to you!
Happy birthday, boss man. I'm happy to announce that in the past two months, I've helped a new friend become an absolute Whedon-fiend. She got through all 7 seasons of Buffy in less than two months and has seen The Avengers 4 times... one of us....
Buon Compleanno Joss! :D
Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day and an even more awesome year!
A very Happy Birthday to you, Sir! :D
Happy birthday Purple Man!
Hope you have a wonderful day! =)
Hope your birthday goes better than Buffy's usually did....
Happy Birthday, Mr. Whedon! May you celebrate it in high 3F fashion...surrounded by family, friends...and food.
Happy Birthday Joss! As many times as Buffy saved the world, that's how many times your words have saved my life. Happy Happy today and always!
Dearest Joss:
Happy Birthday! I hope you are celebrating a lot because this IS the year of Whedon!
Let's make NEXT year the 2nd year of Whedon (when you open even more movies to rave reviews and record breaking box office!).
love always.
Thanks for everything, Joss. You've done the impossible, and that makes you mighty. Have a very happy birthday.
Happy solar cycle, on which you became a human organism! 'CAUSE IT'S THE FUNNEST!
Happy birthday, sir.
Thanks for everything you've given the world.
Happy Birthday! :D
Thanks for showing me the power of storytelling, Joss. Your work has made a pretty damn big impact on my life. So, happy birthday, and I hope your day is most glorious.
Happy Birthday dear Joss. And Many more.....
Happy birthday, Joss! Your stories have enriched so many lives, and that, good sir, makes you a big damn hero. In my book, anyway. And I'm willing to bet the books of all 10,887 Whedonesque members as well!
So many reasons to celebrate another year of Joss.

1. He brings the same passion to making a multi-zillion dollar tent-buster Marvel ensemble comic book movie that he brought to making a multi-hundred dollar ensemble comic book. He made Astonishing X-Men for love and couch change and explored what makes a team, what makes a family, a hero, a good person, and a bad guy (and how much the good and bad have in common) and made it the wisest, wittiest, heart-cracking and inspiring thing I'd ever read about people in fetish-wear. Then he did the same on the big screen without repeating himself.

2. He loves his characters and fans/peeps without over-indulging either or (and this is a bigger achievement) himself.

3. Boldfaced Purple Dude thrives on art! To recuperate from one project, he does another. Way to set an example. I hate him, but in a good way.

4. He's just getting started. Taking it to the next level or two with Wastelanders and the Horrible franchise. Making his micro-studio maxi-fecund. Shooting Shakespeare on his off weeks.

5. Equality. Now. He wants it bad and he's not going to stop until he gets it.

6. He knows that Maxie Fecund would be a great name for a strong post-apocalyptic character. French, the very embodiment of Le Resistance, with an eye patch even. One dragged, against her will, into a fight she did not choose, does not want, but when the chips are down and everything depends on her...

7. This is only a partial list.

Happy Birthday, Joss!

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Hap to the py for your day of annual Birthing, Joss! Thanks for all your beautiful creations in shaping myself and my world view! Now make well with the bratings of cele!
48 years ago, you ceased to live inside a uterus. There's no going back now. Happy Birthday, Joss.
Happy birthday to an amazing, imaginative creator of awesome experiences
Bonne fête Joss!
Hippo birdie two ewe
Hippo birdie two ewe
Hippo birdie dear Joss
Hippo birdie two ewe!

And many many more!
Happy birthday Joss! Thanks for all the great stories over the years.
Happy Birthday Joss!! You're one of my biggest inspirations in following my dreams. Buffy helped me make some of the toughest decisions in my life. I have a Angel/Spike tattoo. I've seen Avengers 8 times. I wrote a song about Buffy and it's currently my single on iTunes. I run a podcast reviewing the Buffy comics. You have clearly inspired my life <3
Happy Birthday, Joss. You've changed so much in my life. Thank you.

Now, that's enough cake, sir - back to the story-writing!
Happy birthday, Joss! The world was given a great gift when you came into it, and we are all so grateful for it. You've been an inspiration and a teacher to me in my own writing, which is a rather tremendous thing in itself considering we've never met. :-)

I hope you have a great day!
Happy Birthday, Joss!! :)
Dear Jossir: Happy Birthday...except that "Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable.


I didn't get you anything.

... except my love and gratitude. Always.
I wish I had a gift to give you that would or could equal all of the terrific things I have enjoyed because of you. From Buffy to Avengers, I am a huge fan of your work. Like everyone else on this website, I've seen everything multiple times, and found more and more depth to the shows and movies after every viewing. Your gifts to us keep giving, and I thank you for that. I also greatly admire your charitable work. Not many people are as involved as you in the plight of women the world over. I hope that this is a joyously happy birthday for you, and that you have a thousand more. At least. The world is a much better place with you in it. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, boss!
Happy birthday, and thank you! Series as wonderful as yours transcend "entertaining works of fiction" and really become "stories that can give us hope for reality."
Happy Birthday, Joss! Have a good one!
Oh Joss, you whippersnapper of a handsomish titian-haired scribe/director/composer/champeen of women/creator of equality now t-shirt designs... whew. Happy balloon/cake day. I so hope it is a day of rest. Love you brother Joss.
Happy Birthday to a literal genius.

He understands human psychology, the human spirit, and life better than anyone in my opinion. And he puts every facet of those three things in every single thing he's ever done.

Thank you for changing not only my life, but thousands of people across the world.
Happy Birthday Joss! Congrats on an amazing year, and here's to many, many more!
I asked my children how we should celebrate the birth of Joss and my youngest replied that we must go out in the woods to get a tree (but we might get eaten by a bat) take the tree home and decorate it in all the colors and then play. lol Sounds like we need a make a new holiday :)
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Here's for hoping your Port Compression Coil don't bust on your special day!
happy birthday my favourite cooky guy that brings me sunshine and lollies.
hugs and well wishes
The happiest of birthdays to you, Joss. The King of Cups expects a picnic, but you should totes do whatever you want.
Happy anniversary of your expulsion from a uterus, Joss!
The day we Whedonites do the dance of joy!
Natal felicitations, my beloved husvand. May all your future years be as full of awesome as this one has been.
So you're 48, and look much more distinguished these days..and the best may be yet to come.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday and many more!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy the weekend.
Happy Birthday, Joss! This year the world is discovering what most of your peeps here have known for many, many years. You excel at exploring the family dynamic, character, and empowering women. I hope you know that through your talent and stories you have created a real life family, the community of WHEDONesque.

I came here by way of Firefly. Thank you for a show that touched me so deeply that upon rewatching the DVDs, I seeked out an online community to share my appreciation of its stories and characters. I found more than a community of like-minded individuals. I found friends who became family almost instantly. I met Firefly's amazingly talented cast & writers and followed their work elsewhere. I've discovered equally talented "fans" who create writings (be they blogs, fan fic, books, screenplays, or poetry), art, music, and films that I might never have discovered otherwise if not because of you. My world is richer on so many levels, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Birthday! Happy!
Happy Birthday Joss!!!
Gratulerer med dagen, Joss! You have changed my life on many levels, and for that I am grateful.
Love from Norway.
Happy Birthday Joss! Thank you for always inspiring me!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thanks for being born!

It's mostly protein, but I tried to make it as chocolatey as I could.

You continue to change my life for the better in the most amazing ways. My friends all run when they see me coming, afraid I'll start quoting Loki or drag them to the theater yet again. Philistines.

From Buffy to Angel to Firefly to Season 8 to Dr H... to March 4 when I was standing in the rain alone outside the Paramount in Austin, and someone came back outside and gave me a "Filmmaker's Guest" ticket to see Cabin.

Thank you for all you do, and all you will do. It will always be our genuine pleasure to be there.
Happy Birthday Joss! I Love You.
Happy Birthday, Joss! We are looking forward to celebrating many more with you.
Feliz cumpleanos, Senor Purple.
Happy Bloody Birthday, Monsieur Whedon. Many happy returns.
Happy Birthday Joss! And thanks for just being you.
Happy Birthday Joss!!!! It is because of you that I am the man I am today!!! You have shaped me more than you will ever know (unless I get to work with you one day and I tell you face to face!) thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done, and will do in the future!!! Can't wait to see what's next!!!! Hopefully something Serenity related! :) much love and respect, David
Happy birthday Joss! I don't know what I would have done if there hadn't been a "buy one, get one half off" sale when I was going to buy Stargate Atlantis on DVD and Firefly was right there.
Happy Birthday boss man. Your continued existence on this planet fills my heart with song. Here's to many more years and many more stories.
Happy Birthday, Joss! May there be many more stories to come!
Happy Birthday, your Jossness!
Happy Birthday The Boss!
Wow, when I woke up this morning on my internetless vacation in Wisconsin I knew that I was forgetting something important. The feeling hounded me all day until I saw on Whedonesque that it was your birthday!

Happy birthday your effulgent purpleness! My life would be unimaginably different if I hadn't discovered Buffy 4 years ago during my freshman year of high school. I would lack so many relationships and experiences. I would have missed out on a great deal of joy, laughter, and emotional trauma caused by your work. Perhaps most importantly, I would have no intention of studying film or screenwriting in college for the next four years. You showed me that television could be a place of great depth, humor, and narrative possibility. Before you I actually wanted to do something respectable with my life! Thanks a lot!

In all serious though, thanks for everything you've done for television, film, feminism and so much more. From a girl who has never been one for idols or role models, you've certainly been an inspiration.

Happy birthday Joss! Hope you had a great one with family and friends!
No creator of fiction has ever rivaled the creations of Joss Whedon in their importance to me. Happy belated birthday!
Hope you had and will always have happy birthdays, Sir! Now please tell us you will make the Avengers sequel and adopt Tom Hiddleston into everything.

Still haven't seen Cabin - please don't hate me! DX
Happy Birthday Joss! Everybody- do the Dance of Joy!

Thank you for all you do.
Happy Belated Birthday, Joss! I hope you are continuing to have a birthday celebration that lasts at least a week, during which time you actually get to relax! Thank you for all that you have created and continue to create. I love it all.

I just spent 10 days surrounded by friends I wouldn't have known if not for you.
Happy Belated Birthday!!
Happy belated birthday, Joss! And thank you also for my early birthday gift of The Avengers!
Happy (late) birthday, Joss!
Happy (belated) birthday, Joss! Keep being brilliant :)

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