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June 23 2012

Firefly 10th Anniversary panel to be held at San Diego Comic-Con. No other details about it are forthcoming. But it'll probably be awesome.

Wow, I cannot wait to attend this :) this just made my Con. This and most likely a Joss Whedon panel? Sign me up!!
Ho. Lee. Awe. Some. Hope it all gets recorded by someone, especially if they make any surprise announcements...
Well, since Castle wasn't invited to Comic-Con, we'll probably see Nathan here
Excitement level will only go higher. Details being released soon will see to that.
Aggh. Wish I could go.
I cannot wait. With some luck, I'll be able to get to the panel! For my first Con, here's for hoping it might actually go smooth!
YAY!!! I'M SO GLAD I'm going this year! :D :D :D
Has this been confirmed in any way, shape, or form? I cant find anything else about this anywhere.
Not officially, no. Except it's true.
I hope it isn't on Saturday, the only day I was unable to get a pass for. Talk about a special panel - that will probably be a wait in line most of the day panel, depending on what day it is.
This'll be a great youtube video. I look forward to it.
I wish I could be there.
Can't wait! Be prepared to sit in whatever the room is ALL DAY LONG though.
If Ron and Gina are attending, I'm in. Otherwise my wife and I will likely pass. REALLY hope Gina is there, we want to ask her questions about Suits. She's owning it this season.
Because a once in a lifetime Firefly event should be spent discussing other shows. ;)
What the actors are doing now as opposed to a decade gone? Yeah, pretty much.
Face, meet palm.
And, I'm now going to SDCC for 7/12-7/14.

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