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June 24 2012

Awesome books to replace your favourite cancelled shows. io9 gives some recommended reading to substitute our Big Damn Heroes and that lovable Vampire with a soul, among others.

Is it bad that I'm a fan of 9 of those shows mentioned? The recommendation for Pushing Daisies sounds interesting.
why arn't the dresden files on the list the books are great
Good article - and great leads on new stuff to read.

For The 4400, I'd also add Zenna Henderson's The People - different, in that The People originate on a different planet and come to Earth, but similar, in that their powers make for difficult/interesting interactions with ordinary Earth denizens.
Some of the books sound interesting ... but Consider Phlebas isn't even remotely like Firefly, IMHO. I mean, sure, there are people and spaceships--but it's so different tonally that it would never have occurred to me to compare the two.
For Jericho they didn't suggest Alas Babylon?
Currently reading "Retribution Falls" based on the recommendation there. It's not bad, and I can see why it was mentioned, and there are some funny lines, but it's not quite a replacement. Sorry, my standards are pretty high for a Firefly replacement.
Nice to see The Twenty Palaces by Harry Connolly get a mention. I thought that the series started off a bit rough (which is a trend that I've noticed among the limited UF that I've tried), but imo it got significantly better with each book and had gotten quite good by Book 3, which is of course when the publisher had to cancel the series due to low sales. There is a 4th book available at the author's site, and for anyone interested, that, along with free previews of the first chapter from all the novels can be found here:

Imo Mike Carey's Felix Castor novels are a great read too. Possibly the best UF series that I've yet tried.
I agree, erendis, "Consider Phlebas isn't even remotely like Firefly." I love the Culture series -- and certainly recommend it to anyone who likes good SF -- but it would never have occurred to me to conflate it with Firefly.

But since they did come up, well, they're very, very good. Order of reading rarely matters with these books, but one should definitely read Consider Phlebas first if one is going to read Banks' work. The rest of the books are pretty much told from the POV of Culture (with one exception I won't spoil). Phlebas reads best if you don't know much about the Culture yet.

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I read The Mortal Instruments series, and the dynamic of it really reminded me of Buffy. All of the characters are great, and the atmosphere in general has a very Joss-esque feeling to it. After I'd read it, I noticed on the back it ever said, "fans of BtVS will love this blah blah," and the author had been a big fan of the show during airing. Just posting this, in case anyone else might like it! Google is your friend! :)
While I'd recommend SM Stirling for anyone who likes both well-visualized worlds and strong women supporting characters often outdoing the men who nominally call things, the Emberverse is quite a disconnect for most poeple expecting post-apolalyptic stories. The disaster there was a change in the rules of nature making elctircal, explosive, and pneumatic technology unusable, which is seldom part of post-nuclear-war worlds.

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