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June 25 2012

Know your Vampire Hunter. Estimated time it would take Buffy (and other vampire hunters) to kill E. Cullen gets featured in this infographic.

Weakness: Seduceable

Yeah pretty much. Can't discount the thrall.
They think Selene would kill Edward faster than Buffy? Well, maybe, if Buffy feels like verbally sparing with him first. Selena's not one for conversation.
I don't know, twilight vamps are pretty indestructible. Buffy might need to bring the rocket launcher out of retirement to kill Edward.
It would take Buffy a while just to figure out his weaknesses. A stake in the heart won't kill him. Beheading him won't kill him. She would be confused and annoyed, but she'd take him out.
wait really? Beheading Edward won't kill him? Even if you hide the head where he can't find it? I actually read the Twilight books and I don't recall any immunity to beheading, at least not like Lorne had....
Anita Blake would have to stop and... you know... him first.
For Buffy I was expecting them to say about 5 months...3 or 4 weeks until she identified Edward as the big bad. 18 or 19 weeks to get beat up and to determine his weaknesses. And then one week to finally face Edward in battle...once the fight starts, maybe 3 minutes before she beats him.

Isn't that kind of how it went with Mayor Wilkins, Adam, Glory, Warren/trio and The First?
You're assuming, alexreager, that Edward is big and/or bad.
Twilightvamps are pretty damn indestructable. Buffy probably couldn't take Edwaed down by herself. He's incredibly fast, wood would probably break when hitting his skin, maybe the same with lots of weapons. I vaugelly recall twivamps being able to move across states in minutes, maybe just seconds.
Take his sparkly Barbie doll and stick a pin in it. Problem solved.
Selene isn't really a "vampire hunter", she's a vampire. Who hunts werewolves. And sunlight doesn't hurt her any more.
I definitely think Buffy could kill Edward, but I agree with Jelly that she'd probably need the rocket launcher, then get the Scooby gang to help her pick up the pieces and burn them separately. Of course, that stupid mind reading thing would mean she'd probably need Willow to cast some sort of paralyzing spell so he couldn't dash away. But he's definitely killable, even if it's challenging. I'm sure Buffy would love a challenge :)
alexreager, that's hilarious.

So has a vampire death ever been shown/described in Twilight? How can it happen? I had no idea they were so tough. When I first read the link title, I thought "what an odd opponent--wouldn't it take anyone about 3 minutes?"
There are some flaws on this list. Like the Belmonts having "magic" as their strength and Vampire Hunter D being seducable.

Still fun though.
Oddly enough, I don't know if "Twilight" ever explains the basis for why you kill a vampire by tearing it apart and burning the pieces. I mean, the tearing it apart is one thing, since they basically are just stone golems at that point, but the burning... do they just slowly flop their parts toward each other if you don't? Do they regenerate limbs or something?

Meh, doesn't matter. Stephenie Meyer's vampires are basically not vampires in the first place.
We really didn't need that infographic, although informative. This image says how the story ends
@CaptainB Sadly, I must admit that I have read the Twilight Series, it is a secret shame that I share with few people.

Anyway, to the point, the glittery little bastards are pretty much indestructible. The only ways to kill them are by being torn apart by a werewolf, the only creature/weapon strong enough, save for another vampire, to rip them apart and have the ability to piece their marble hard skin with their razor sharp teeth. And yes there have been a few vampire deaths in the series. The first being at the end of the first book, when Edward rips apart a vampire in a ballet studio, which he burns down to save his precious and severely melodramatic girlfriend Bella.
I also read the books, the last one was so boring it took me 3 tries to finish it, but my first thought was WHY would anyone want to be close to something that was like a marble statue and sparkled. Have never been a fan and heck Spike is hot and does not need to sparkle.
Agreed, on all counts!!!

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It seems like they grow back body parts that have been cut off (if I am remembering the Bree Tanner book correctly), which is why you have to burn the vamps after tearing them apart. So Buffy would definitely have some troubles killing them if she assumed they were like regular vampires. But I don't know if she'd want to kill them. She usually doesn't fight vampires and demons that don't hurt or kill humans. Even when they are as annoying as Edward.
Buffy would come up with an off-the-beaten-path strategy, of course: kill Bella! Edward gets depressed and arranges his own suicide. Voila.

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