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June 25 2012

Fandomfest - this coming weekend in Louisville, KY. Featuring James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, and Luke Perry from our little corner of fandom (plus a whole lot of other interesting folks).

Question: I live in Louisville and I would LOVE to go see these guys, but I'm moving into a house this weekend so there's no way I can make it for the entire time (plus I work Friday and Sunday night). Does anyone know which days and what time they would be there (Or what days they usually attend at conventions like this)? I could try to make it for part of the weekend, but there's no way I could be there the entire time.
There's a listing of photo ops on the far right navigation tab.

I live in Louisville, too, and a couple of my friends are on the Planning Committee for this thing, but I'll be out of state this weekend, so I'm missing the whole thing. If only it was a week later. :-(
Thanks so much, Vague That Up!
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