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June 25 2012

Oz Comic Con premieres in Melbourne this weekend with 5 Whedonverse guests! It'll be an awesome weekend for Aussie Whedonesquers inMelbourne, with five Whedonverse guests attending the first Oz Comic-Con this weekend. Sean Maher, Julie Benz and Fran Kranz will be joined by Jason Palmer and Scott Allie.

Gosh. So jealous of Melbourne. Why can't we have Oz Comic-Con in Sydney?
And Armin Shimerman! Can't forget Snyder!
Aindop - as OCC is just starting up, they are slowly going to branch into other cities as well. This year started with Adelaide and Melbourne, next year sees Perth added so maybe soon.

Edit: So can't wait, from the looks of things, it's going to be huge! SNYDER!!!

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Is this self-linking or am I mistaken about Jen's involvement in this endeavour?
Well until we get clarification, this post'll stay up.
Jen is apart of Melbourne Browncoats, this is run by DCA Enterprises which is based in Sydney.

The Melb Browncoats will have a booth there I believe but I don't believe Jen has anymore involvement in it than that... but she can correct me if I am mistaken.
For the record, I have no involvement in organising this event. New Melbourne Browncoats are having a booth (we're raising money for Autism Victoria and promoting Can't Stop the Serenity). Oz Comic-Con has very kindly donated some autographs for our CSTS event and gave us press access to their Whedonverse guests in support of CSTS. Hopefully that doesn't count as self-linking, otherwise no local Browncoat group could ever share news about a local convention.

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