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June 26 2012

The "Buffy" 2013 calendar is out today. Think they should start using images from the comics as well next year?

These calendars are all from, maybe it might be more suitable to change the link for the source link, instead of Amazon. lists other releases that might interest Whedon fans.

The link for already mentioned: Buffy 2013

Other examples:
How I Met Your Mother - for NPH, Alyson and Colbie

Mad Men - for Christina and Vincent

There is nowhere near enough Hiddleston in that Avengers calendar.
Re: the comics: God yes, but I doubt they have a license to do so.

I've always found the Buffy calendars disappointing. Too many publicity stills, not enough action shots.
Numfar PTB - The BtVS calendar is cheaper at Amazon than the other site. In addition, if we buy it at Amazon, Whedonesque gets some money from the affiliate link.
Mr. Patient That's why I designed my own calendar a couple years ago - I used 6 pictures of each character, all of them screen caps from episodes.

Each month introduced a Scooby, in the order Buffy met them. January started with a group collage of Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow and Xander, and the intro to the Slayer line. February was Buffy, March Willow, etc. I chose a line or two of dialogue spoken by that particular character - Buffy's was her bit about being a superhero from "Tabula Rasa," Angel's was about passion, and so forth.

At the end of the 16-month calendar, I had a collage in December of the surviving Scoobies - Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Dawn and Faith, and "She saved the world. A lot." The following January was a collage of the seven Big Bads (Using Warren for Season Six) with "Vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness," February was a collage of "Gone, but not forgotten" - Joyce, Cordelia, Jenny, Oz, Wesley and Riley (they had not been featured in the regular calendar), then a collage of "Death is your gift" - Buffy in the tunnel in "Prophecy Girl," leaping from the tower in "The Gift," her tombstone, holding Adam's heart, staking Dracula, and beheading a Turok-Han, and the last month was the credits, featuring everyone who was regularly featured in the credits. (So, no, Tara is not in that one.)

I'd love to get it printed out (I made it for 2011) but it'd take an awful lot of ink - the month header is black with the month in red Buffy script, and each month has a colored background behind the collage. And I doubt I could get it printed by a calendar company.
ShadowQuest, that sounds way better than any of the Buffy calendars I've bought in the past. With the themes and quotes. Love it.

I'd really love a Cabin in the Woods calendar with hilarious quotes and stills from the film.
LadyJay If you have Publisher I can send you the calendar. Just keep in mind it was made for last year; I have to figure out how to change it for next year, then I think I'll print it out for myself, if I can find some inexpensive thicker paper to print on.

I haven't seen Cabin, but I'd be happy to design one if someone provides me w/lines. I'm sure I can find 12 stills to use.

This Buffy calendar looks like they're just recycling pictures from previous years, with the only difference being which order they use them in, and of course being either sepia or black & white. How creative.
Sigfodr, I don't think there's enough Hiddles anywhere. ;)

Kudos, ShadowQuest, that sounds like an awesome calendar. I too am put off by the publicity stills.

Truth told, I'd love a calendar of all Jo Chen covers. How to choose, though? The only one I wouldn't want would be Dawn with the Thricewise.
@Willowy - Yes, great idea. A Jo Chen calendar would be splendid.

And tumblr is 99% Hiddles and that's still not enough.
The Do That Girl, yep. :D
Perosnally I'd like an altenrating calanedar featuring Tara, Harmony, and Kendra, pluss maybe Faith, but not likely and I'm not good enough with graphics to do one ,myself.

What I'd prefer to a claendar actually is Smile Time plush puppet versions of them but i prefer to keep my imaginings to the beleiveably impossible rtaher than the unbeleiveably impossible.
Shadowquest, I make my own calendars (not Buffy ones) and have them semi-professionally printed through iPhoto for not that much. You could probably find a similar service.
ShadowQuest and CaptainB, if you ever want to make and sell (better than this one) Buffy calendars, let me know and I'll see if I can add them to my Buffy site's online store. E-mail is in my profile.

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LOL Daddycat, I'm guessing you posted from your phone? ;)
I flipping hate the Buffy calendars. Each year the designers just pull out the old Buffy calendar template and reuse it. (I guess it is good that they at least HAVE a template, since many other tv shows just get a generic calendar on the bottom and a full-image on top. But still, the situation speaks to the lack of care that goes into the calendar business in general).
I'm not remotely a calendar kind of person (I prefer to meander through life thinking things like "oh, it's nearly July already?!"), but I still think it's cool that there is enough demand to release one of these every year for 10 years after the show went off the air. My totally unscientific random browse of what was available seemed to indicate that there were not that many off-the-air shows that merited the treatment.
Willowy: Um, no, the office computer- I just can't type. I don't even have a phone, and when i get one I don't think I'll use it for the 'net, actually.
Perhaps the use of publicity stills rather than actions shots / screen captures is a consequence of licensing terms and conditions. Publicity stills are intended for widespread publication and would be licensed accordingly.

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