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June 26 2012

Captain Mal vs Captain Jack in TVLine's Best Bad Boy Tourney. Angel and Spike will be featured in future rounds as well.

You can also vote for Christian Kane's Eliot Spencer who is going up against Dean Winchester.

I don't even know how to choose. Too many characters I love.
Officially not voting in this particular round! Four of my favourite characters on television and they put them all up against each other? How unfair is that? I mean, as if picking between Dean and Eliot wouldn't be hard enough, the Captain Mal/Captain Jack choice is pretty much impossible.

So yeah, I'll sit back and let the rest of the world decide these, but if I was a gambling man (and being well aware of the fandoms involved) I'd be putting money on Mal and Dean to win!
Right now Dean has a pretty strong lead and Mal is crushing Jack (77% of the vote).
This is almost as difficult as when one of their tournaments tried to make me choose between "Harry Potter" and "Friends." I think I just didn't vote.

In this case, though, I went for Captain Tightpants and didn't look back.
Yeah, some of the first rounds in this tournament are just cruel. I mean, they have to get cruel eventually... but first round?!?! AUGH
So cruel. Meanies. How? How??
This tournament should belong to Captain Mal, even though he is just bad in the Latin. Maybe if we are lucky, he can go against Barney Stinson in later rounds.
Isn't Jack the same character as Mal, played with an actor with less charisma? I see many comments in the linked site saying they can't decide between the two, but I spend half the Torchwood episodes wishing they had hired Nathan for the part.

I mean no offense to the actor, it's just that the character feels like Mal to me. With more sexual innuendos.
Isn't Jack the same character as Mal? Well, in the sense that they both have the title of 'Captain' in front of their names and are both men, then yes. In every other sense... no. ;)
Yeah, this is a toughie! But I consider Firefly my "gateway drug to sci fi" and would probably never have seen Captain Jack if it weren't for Mal. So Captain Tightpants gets my vote ;)
I'd argue that they are quite different because Captain Jack is immortal and alone through time and space while Captain Mal is a military man in charge of a team. At times, Captain Jack does lead teams but the jist of his story, like The Doctor, is that he's on his own.

In addition, Captain Jack displays and uses his omnisexuality quite openly. I feel that Captain Mal keeps his sexuality a bit closer and under wraps.

Finally, I feel that the unavailabilty of The Doctor,who is more powerful, weighs heavily on Captain Jack. As the audience, we know that he knows that there is a more powerful figure who could help but never shows. We also know that Captain Jack would be thrilled to work with the Doctor again and it's not likely.

Captain Mal doesn't have the weight of someone better then him even existing. He has other issues.

I gave Captain Jack my vote because I wanted him to have some love too.

I always kind of feel sad for Captain Jack, but not Captain Mal..

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