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June 26 2012

Avengers will reach $600M at the US box office. This is expected to happen today.

What the article doesn't say (but I put in a comment elsewhere), is that with Wednesday's Box Office, it should be able to best the initial run of Titanic. (which is 600,788,188)

Once again, congrats to all involved!!
On a totally unrelated and random side note...

Eric Stoltz was originally going to be Marty McFly? Whoa...
DreamRose, for the inside on that story check out Tom Wilson's Nerdist interview.
No surprise to me. I noticed it hit 598 mil Sunday, and would hit that mark by the end of the month. I pre-ordered the blu-ray a while ago. Just waiting for when its coming. Spidey and Batman will have quite a target to hit next month.

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And without opening in Japan yet? ...goodness. That's going to be one very large eventual gross.
Thanks Bunnies!
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The summer has given the film legs. Two weeks ago I was guessing it would take its time getting to $600 million and finish between 600-610 million. Now its dropping less than 20% a week and easily making more than MiB3 and more-per-screen than Snow White and the Huntsman, among others. Today $640 million seems a good bet.
Yeah, most of the summer's big movies this year have been disappointments. The Avengers has pretty much bowled over everything in its path. I'm going to have to take a minute and contemplate that: a Joss Whedon movie just completely dominated the box office of 2012.
This makes me happy.
There's more info on this milestone at Box Office Mojo. Like the nugget that THE AVENGERS has earned more than the next four movies combined on the list of Summer 2012 box office grosses.
I've been happy to see it remaining in the top ten for so long. It makes me happy that it is busting blocks!
In related Whedon box office news, CITW was #24 on the box office list for Monday. Its currently doing better days than Three Stooges and even though the latter made 2 million more domestically than the former, I'm pretty sure Cabin has done better worldwide than Stooges since they don't have any data available on Boxofficemojo about T3S's international take. Meanwhile CITW is sitting on a pretty nice $63,722,836 worldwide which is way more than what Serenity did even when you take inflation into account.

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This is such wonderful news. Congrats to that whole team.
Wow. It just seems so surreal to see a Joss Whedon film likely be the #1 box-office film of 2012 -- and at that number no less. Regardless whether counting into account inflation and all that -- $600M domestic gross is almost nigh on impossible to reach.

Congratulations Joss. You and the cast earned it.
Everybody realizes that Joss has now joined the James Cameron club at the domestic box office.Joss is the only other director besides Cameron to have a movie cross $600M at the domestic box office.

Avatar - 749.6 million
Titantic - 658 million
The Avengers - 600 million and still counting
it will be interesting to see how much more the Avengers pulls in when (if?) the director's cut get released.
That's a lot of money.
I'm just for the funny.

No, success is important, if you want to work in a money world.
This huge mainstream success should have opened many doors for Joss and end his status as an eternal insider tip from the alcove.
@kmb99, there is no other cut out there. The director's cut is the one in theaters. It's all one big misunderstanding.

Great news. I'm gonna add a bit more when I go see it again this friday.
Sorry Simon, when I tried to select a category I thought it was bizarre that Avengers wasn't available. Doh, it was under the T's for The.
as a fanboy I'd been watching the daily totals just waiting for it to pass MIB3 on it's way down which finally happened over the weekend,then today it passed rock of ages moving back up to 7th

apparently scarlett's gams aren't the only legs this flick has

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I wonder how much Hollywood big wigs will attribute The Avengers' success to Joss and how much they'll attribute it to any other reason (for example building towards it via the other independent hero franchises). Either way, Joss should be getting a blank check to make his next projects! Maybe he can find someone to talk to about putting Much Ado in theaters.
Congrats to all involved, especially Joss. I have been watching it a lot like a fanboy and it's gotten to 600 quicker than i would have thought. Hoping very much that Much Ado and In Your Eyes can get a release and maybe one day Joss will return to television. A Mad Scientist like Joss should not be confined by movies, TV is the place for him.
It's not going to top Avatar though. Bit of a shame. Which, when you think about it, is a sign of a giant problem of luxury.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! I've been following the box office stats as well and it's no surprise, but it makes me happy to see how strong it's been in the weeks when most blockbuster movies fizzle out completely.

If the Spidey reboot doesn't perform to expectations, I think there's a shot at the Titanic domestic record ($658m) but that would mean at least 6-8 more weeks in theaters at the rate it's going at. Actually, even if the Spidey reboot does well, it might not matter. It might send some more people back to Avengers for another viewing.
If it can beat out Titanic Just wow.
True Mitholas. If "Failure" is defined as "Not quite topping Avatar at the box office" then I'd like my movie to "fail" that way!

My personal hunch was that Avatar was a hit thanks to the novelty of the 3D and the CGI. Plot, character and dialog wise it was just about the most predictable movie I have ever seen. The moment I heard "Only two people have ever mastered that creature" I would have bet my house that Scully would be the third. I think Avatar II and III will be like Matrix II and III and not do anywhere near as well as the first.
I know Avatar has its defenders but I'm with zz9.
@archon: "I wonder how much Hollywood big wigs will attribute The Avengers' success to Joss and how much they'll attribute it to any other reason" - my great fear!

"Either way, Joss should be getting a blank check to make his next projects!" - my big wish!

"Maybe he can find someone to talk to about putting Much Ado in theaters." i recommended it to the "Mannheim-Heidelberg film festival" here in Germany. It corresponds approximately to the Sundance film festival. They answered, they ordered it, so hopefully I'll be able to see "Much Ado ..." in November.

@punkinpuss: "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!" - so true!

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