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June 27 2012

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #11. This issue will be out on the 11th of next month.

Is that Rowena and Leah in the second panel of the first page?

Nice that their getting a nod even if it is only visual. Would be nice to see their characters fleshed out a bit though.

Actually looking back maybe it isn't...
It's hard to see Buffy taking orders from Kennedy but so far so good on these preview pages.
I like Kennedy. She's the rich slayer that works to give purpose and support to her sister slayers.
Wow, I haven't been this excited for the Buffy comic in 3 months. This looks great and an awesome return to form of how the season started. Color me excited :)

And Georges is back! Woo hoo! And it's great to have Chambliss back as well.
Haha. The scaly demon disguised as a bellhop is hilarious--especially because it's poor disguise isn't commented on, it's just shown. Love it.

And a whole company of Slayer bodyguards? Kind of a genius idea. Looking forward to this.
I kind of suspect that a demon 'disguised as bellhop' is an actual bellhop. The true danger , I think, is a group of (rogue ?) Slayers shown on the rooftop who are collectively tracking Buffy's client. Even more likely though, is that these girls on the rooftop are the good guys , tracking Buffy and Kennedy's client , who is an actual bad guy. Nice nod to Chtulhu in the office and elevator designs. Is this W&H affiliate in SF ?
I'm down with the theory that the demon is a bellhop, but I think the danger comes from the waitress!!

Great introduction to the new arc. I've also got high expectations from it, Jeanty coming back being one of them. Besides, I think Chambliss' one-liners are pure gold as well as Buffy's internal monologue. Is it me or it resembles quite well Whedon's own style?
@dorotea: Pretty sure that the slayers on the rooftop are actually part of Kennedy's team. They are tracking the "target" as he approaches the building. The girl on the outside then reports that the target is checking in. Kennedy then reports that the target is headed to the elevators, basically getting Buffy into position.

Of course, this says nothing about how savory the client is.

My guess is that the demon bellhop is yet another demon who's forced into finding a job after the Seed was smashed, and that the real threat is coming from the maid with the cart.
I always have the feeling that the inked images loose something somehow in comparison to Georges' pencil sketches.
I love Buffy the Bodyguard. This should be a web series or something.
I think it is terrific that Buffy has evolved from a superhero -fighting-evil to a general-of-uncertain-morals to a barrista-with-occasional-slaying-and-dubious-commitment-to-cause-or-loved-ones to a bodyguard-for-hire. I shiver with feminist empowerment.

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To Cleveland, a lot of artists can lose "something" due to the inker. However sometimes an inker can take a sub par penciler and rock the casba with them.

Like George Perez's stuff is amazing, especially if he inks his own stuff. However if he gets a bad inker . . . yeah, it goes down hill.

I think Rebekka inks her own stuff and it shows. Then there's the team of Jim Lee and Alex Gardner. They've worked together so long that their relationship is almost symbiotic.
@Elf: Thanks for the insightful reflection! :-)

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