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June 27 2012

Several Whedonverse alums to appear in Husbands Season 2. Jane Espenson has enlisted some old friends for her web series.


I cannot wait for season 2. Definitely going to the Comic Con panel :)
Quite an fun turn-out, hopefully they'll get to share some screen time together, especially the ones who were not in the same projects. Excited for the news.

About OUAT, it does seem that Jane is called upon a lot to talk about the show, despite her not being an Executive Producer or Shorunner for that.
I love Husbands. And Jane. Season 2 is gonna be awesome.
Love that they are all participating in Espenson's project.

@NumfarPTB, I wonder if she just wants to write because she does have other projects. Or should she be considered as a producer because Yof the depth of her involvement? It will be interesting to see.

In season 2,I really hope that she writes Rumplestiltskin again. I enjoyed the finale but found his voice slightly off. Carlyle and Espenson together nailed that character in earlier eps.
I love that Jane's comments, and the role call of actors, espouses the Whedon "family" ethos.

I am so pumped for season 2 of Husbands. The first season contained so much heart it bowled me over completely.

@hann23 I have yet to see the OUAT finale but agree wholeheartedly with your appraisal on the meshing of the talent of Ms Espenson & Mr Carlyle.

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