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June 27 2012

Hollywood Reporter confirms 10th anniversary Firefly Panel at Comic-Con. Set for Ballroom 20 on Friday, July 13 from 12:30-1:30. Reports that Joss, Tim Minear, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Michael Fairman and the rest of the Serenity crew will be in attendance.

As hinted at by Minear on Facebook, now confirmed! The panel is being presented by the Science Channel, which has been airing Firefly episodes, and will include "never-before-seen footage."

As if there was any doubt. :)

Whole cast plus others? Epic.

Who's going to get in line on Thursday?
And here is the Science Channel release itself.

ETA link fixed when they reposted it.

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This could well be the greatest thing ever!
I hope to see it either on youtube although what's the chances of the Science Channel recording and airing it themselves?
Only a Firefly panel could happen on Friday the 13th.
In the unfounded rumor department: there is some sort of Joss-related or Joss-involved shoot happening that day. (There was a call for PAs on Twitter.) Related to this panel? I have absolutely no idea. (And I mean that. Usually when I try to put two and two together, I don't get a factual answer.)
Unfortunately for the fans of Breaking Bad, its panel is also in Ballroom 20 on the same day. Joss' fans tend to fully occupy whatever room he's scheduled to be in. Depending on the timing and whether or not any of Joss' fans voluntarily leave the room, no one else will be able to enter for the other panels. Speaking from experience here.
I cannot WAIT for this panel :)
As for timing, this panel is 12:30-1:30, and allegedly Joss' own panel is from 5:30-6:30. In which case, yeah, a lot of room camping will be going on. But that's Comic-Con.
Are people really going to start waiting on Thursday?? That's insane lol but I will definitely do that. I just don't know how that makes sense cause wouldn't they kick you out of the convention center? CAN You even stay in line overnight?
You can stay in lines outside the convention center at night.
Ballroom 20 also has a "Community" panel on Friday morning at 10 a.m. before the Firefly panel starts. I feel sorrier for those fans, as Whedon members will crowd the room to camp for seats for their show. I predict pen violence will once again be on the rise for seats. Breaking Bad's panel doesn't start until 6:45 p.m., which could lead some seat openings after the Firefly panel ends. Man, I would totally camp out that room for the entire day, though, as I'm fans of all three shows.
I've been attending Comic-Con long enough to remember when room camping wasn't allowed. Each room was cleared after every panel to make room for the next group of people waiting outside. But the fans started becoming more and more unruly and refused to leave; it was too much for convention center personnel to deal with, and they eventually gave up trying.
I cannot wait for all the tweets and updates as well as the video from peeps who get in.

Please share the joy.
I plan on being in line at 4a.m. which will probably mean behind at least 1000 people. SDCC is an extreme sport.

Breaking Bad is scheduled AFTER Joss Whedon. Those fans should have no problem getting in the room since a substantial amount of the crowd will leave. I'm curious to know what the 1:45 and 4:15 panels will be. The rest of the day is already set.
At the same time that all this Whedon-frenzy is transpiring in Ballroom 20, The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead will be appearing at the opposite end of the convention center in the gigantic Hall H, a room so huge it's usually reserved for the movie studios.
Game of Thrones will also be in Hall H that day. They won't have any problem filling that room as well. Smart to finally have TV properties in Hall H (other than Sunday which already filled completely for TV panels last year) since the movies have not been filling it regularly and people are turned away from TV panels in Ballroom 20 all the time.
On the one hand, I would LOVE to be there for both the Firefly & Joss panels. On the other hand, I couldn't handle the SDCC crowds in 2007 (the last time I attended), and I seriously doubt they've gotten better in the intervening years.

I'm with hann23 and will hope that there's at least one decent video posted to Youtube once it's all over. I can already envision the twitpic war between Nathan & Jewel...
And it's on FRIDAY!! So happy. Can we start lining up now?? Booyah!!!
TEN YEARS ?! *sob* I'm old :-(
Where can you camp out? Does anyone know of this location? cause I totally will.
Very jealous of anyone who'll get to see this! I'd absolutely love to be there! And I can definitely appreciate the camping idea. I've done it for gigs before. Camped out overnight for a U2 concert in Sheffield a few years back. Not the comfiest night of my life but well worth the effort once we were on the barrier! All the best to anyone willing to do it for the Serenity crew!
No camping allowed according to the Comic con official site.
That's the official word from most music venues too, IrrationaliTV. Doesn't stop people from doing it anyway. Or at least trying to anyway! ;)
There's a difference between camping and lining up alternating naps.
"Camping out" is a euphemism. In the Comic-Con context, it means grabbing a seat early in the day and keeping it, whether or not you have any interest in the current panel. I've seen people hold seats through three, four, or five panels just so that they are assured to see Joss later in the day. This is a problem for the folks who actually do want to enjoy the other panels and can't get in. Joss' fans are often spoken of in unkind terms at Comic-Con because of this practice, much the same as are the Twilight fans.
I'm surprised they don't just clear the rooms at the end of each panel, if it's such an issue.
They may not allow camping but they seem to be anticipating that people are going to be in line all night, as they are saying one chair and sleeping bag per person is okay, plus the shuttle is now running 24 hours as of 5am Thursday morning and they will have restrooms available throughout the night in Lobby G.
In this context, camping out wasn't being used in the ballroom seat context but the waiting in line overnight context, I think, no?
That was the impression I was under, b!X, yeah.
Ah. I see people are talking about two entirely separate issues. I'll be in line (not camping) from 4 am and will be staying in the room all day which some would call camping but I'm genuinely excited to see each panel in the room that day. I've yet to see Legend of Korra but I hear great things about it. All the rest I'm already a big fan.

And Dean, have you met TVD fans? Or maybe Supernatural fans? Or maybe True Blood fans? Smallville fans? Gossip Girl? Bones? Castle? I think it's TV fans in general who have all the awesome passion. :)
Gossip Girl has fans? :P

Seriously though, I was at a Vampire Diaries convention just this last weekend. Trust me when I say, that show has fans that makes Whedonites look tame in comparison!

And also, in related news, Claire Holt is actually more gorgeous in real life than she is on the show! Fact!
Joss' fans have a unique quality in this regard, I've found. I'm an old-timer as far as Comic-Con goes, a 30-year veteran, so yes, I'm very familiar with the habits of the other fan bases. Kind of watched it all happen before my eyes.
Actually, hasn't every Twilight panel for the last few years been the first one Thursday morning in Hall H? No camping in the room for that. The only complaints I know of (besides the obvious quality issues) are Twilight fans buying 4 day passes just for the panel and leave afterwards. They could have just bought a Thursday pass and let other fans get the full passes.

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I hope they're able to get some of the female actors on the panel.
If anyone wants to coordinate lane-standing, come to the SDCC group on FB:
So, I've started my annual list of events that tie to the Whedonverse and its alumni. Let me know as panels, signings, etc. become known so I can add them if I haven't already.
I really can't effing believe we're missing this and won't even be there to record and share with the masses. This truly sucks monkey balls.
You are too good b!X, earlier you had asked for someone actually attending to be in charge of the annual list of events, but I see you have decided to do it yourself even though you aren't going (or are you going now?). Anyway I appreciate you making the list because although I can't go, I really do love to see what I'm missing!
It kills me to see what I'm missing, but still I think it is all so exciting (I hope there will be a lot of people taking videos!).
No, I'm doing the list now because as of yesterday I am going to most of SDCC (by ditching my plans for GeekGirlCon later this summer).
Sounds like a worthwhile exchange! GeekGirlCon would be cool, but this is the Year of Joss!
What if Joss and the gang are planning to announce Serenity 2 at the panel? I've heard so many reasons why a sequel could never happen but I imagine writing and directing a film that grosses nearly 1.5 Billion would render most of them moot. Post-Avengers, every studio wants to be in the Whedon business and if Universal can win him over by letting him make a modestly budgeted sci-fi film, why not?
BTW, note the text on the graphic Hollywood Reporter uses. It says "Firefly: 10-Year Anniversary Special, December 2012". So, assume they are filming this panel, to be a part of a special to air in December.
Just noticed that is says (below the graphic) that it's their comic-con collectible bag! Those are going to be in crazy high demand.
I'm thinking, given the critical/financial success of The Avengers and Joss' comments as recently as a month ago that if he "could be anywhere [he'd] be on board Serenity" . . .

Joss' first (?) public appearance following the Avengers press gauntlet, at the biggest sci-fi/entertainment event of the year, with most/all of the Serenity crew assembled, on its 10th annivesary?

The perfect time and place to announce a continuation of Firefly.
SERENITY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll see. But what will probably happen is a lot of speculative articles talking about new Firefly, fans' frothing at the mouth at the prospect and an anti-climatic panel where a 10th anniverary box-set is announced.
I'm not getting my hopes up for Serenity 2. Not yet anyway. Those hopes would have way too far to fall if it didn't happen.

That said, I will admit that a lot of the reasons why it could never have happened a year ago are suddenly seeming less set in stone, and all the reasons why it could have happened a year ago (the fact that all those involved would love to see it go ahead being the most obvious one) are still true today. Basically, the possibility of Serenity 2 becoming a reality is certainly no worse than it ever has been and just might be a little better. That's a reason to be optimistic, if nothing else!
To be fair, the press release does say the cast will be talking about the future of Firefly.
Firefly collectible comic con bag?! Ugh! Twist the knife a little further why dontcha?

But B!x, great to hear you're going now!
Simon, that could mean anything, even comics.

I know Joss has said that more Firefly would mean 'ruining everyone's careers', but I can see the actors getting free for a few months to do a movie. A feature would be nice, but a tv movie is more realistic, I'm thinking.
I do think a 'where are they now' 10 years in the future sequel to Serenity would be awesome (with Blue Sun more in control of everything than ever before).
I would guess that the statement that they will be talking about the future of Firefly could be a simple statement of fact. If there are people asking questions and members of the the cast and or crew, do they ever have a choice NOT to talk about the future of Firefly? ;-)
"THAT, in point of fact, is love."
Jewel will be in London, as per her Twitter.
And Morena's "working on it"... don't see how they can call it a reunion without the women. Any word or Gina or Summer?
Also, as an adjunct to my @Firefly10th on Twitter, I've got a Tumblr for anniversary stuff.

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