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June 27 2012

10 badass LGBTQ characters from television. Tara features on the list.

Nothing from 'Angel's in America', 'Queer as Folk' (UK; haven't seen the US version) or 'The L Word'?

Aside from Buffy, those shows probably influenced me the most. Stuart Alan Jones' coming out speech in Queer as Folk is an amazing moment. Not sure exactly what the criteria for 'badass' is, but I reckon Stuart fits the bill more than a lot of those characters.

Interesting list though. In a similar vein, this is a (very old) taxonomy of LGBT characters in television re: a list at AfterElton.

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I love Tara, but I would never refer to or think of her as a badass. I guess they are just using badass as a term to mean great/awesome? I don't really get that part.

insistondoubt-I agree. Queer as Folk and The L Word definitely have some badass LGBT characters that would probably fit the list better than some of the ones they chose. However, it is a website for "girl geek culture" so it makes sense that they focus on sci-fi, fantasy, and manga shows.

Anyways, kudos to Tara on being recognized as a badass lesbian.
Yeah, I like Tara but "badass" isn't really the word that comes to mind to describe her. And where's Omar from The Wire? He's one of the most badass characters on all of TV, not just LGBTQ characters.
I liked this list, it was great to see some attention paid to the characters who don't typically make these kinds of things. I agree, badass is not how I'd describe Tara.
I love that this list recognizes Tara instead of Willow like these kinds of things usually do. Tara escapes an abusive family, finds strength in witchcraft, stands up to Glory and the woman she loves and at the end of the day is still willing to be the moral center of the Scoobies, without complaint. Badass.

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