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June 27 2012

Angel and Spike are up in TVLine's Ultimate Bad Boy Tournament. Against Pretty Little Liars' Noel Kahn and The Vampire Diaries' Klaus respectively.

This contest is so much easier to choose than that one with Mal vs. Jack and Eliot vs. Dean. I can actually vote now.
Definitely an easy choice this time for me too. Angel automatically gets my vote seeing as how I don't watch Pretty Little Liars and therefore don't have the first clue who Noel Kahn is. I do watch TVD and really like the character of Klaus but Spike is one of my top five TV characters of all time so the choice was pretty much straight forward there as well. Shame though because Klaus deserves to progress further than the first round and I doubt that he will now.
I love how they're both smoking their competition. The boys still got it. :D
I agree @Five Horizons, Klaus deserved a chance at beating somebody. Overall though, this round was much easier.

In other poll news, BBC America is running the "Anglo Fan Favorites: Men if 2012. Tom Hiddleston is up against Colin Morgan in a semi final round.
I like Klaus, too. However, when it is a question of choosing between Klaus and Spike...well, there is no question. Spike wins every time.
Way easier than that last round.
Did my whedonverse duty today ;)voted for Angel, Spike and Tom. Mal and Dean in the other round were easy picks too (even though I love Christian Kane I still haven't seen his show).
I have always liked Elijah better than Klaus, but Spike was my first vampire love, so easy choice for me.
I don't watch Pretty Little Liars and therefore don't have the first clue who Noel Kahn is.

I do watch Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure), and I don't have much of a clue who Noel Kahn is either. He isn't even a series regular; he just pops up now and then acting sketchy. No competition.
Just been having a look at the graphic for the entire tourney and I've got some seriously difficult choices coming up. A lot of my favourite characters are facing off against each other in the first round! Peter Bishop vs John Reese? Rumplestiltskin vs Baltar? Dexter vs Ben Linus? Nicholas Brody vs Daryl Dixon? Damon Salvatore vs Russell Edgington? Not going to be easy picking between any of them.

At least the likes of Hank Moody, Sawyer, Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder are up against characters I don't really care about. No second guessing with those particular rounds at all.


Does make you wonder if a few of these guys were only added to make up the numbers, doesn't it? ;)

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