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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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June 27 2012

See Nathan Fillion as you've definitely never seen him before. QMx brings a t-shirt and poster of the cap'n and a strategically placed gun holster.

Oh, my is right!
Whoa. I wonder if his approval involved requesting his own copy and framing it, for the lulz.
Hee. Also makes me think of Fillion's Castle persona saying, "She's not naked. She's holding a gun... strategically."

Clip: Strategically-Castle 1x09
Ha ha! Awesome! And flattering.
one tiny slip and its game over?!
Good thing he packs a big gun.
Well, it's kinda like Captain Mal in "Garbage," but I've definitely never seen him with four legs, four regular arms *plus* one sidearm before :)
They should come out with a version that replaces the gun holster with a HAMMER. And another one that has a loincloth Scythe (in honor being split up the middle by one). And another with a book written by Castle...even one with "large" dog tags that read, "Pvt. Ryan." I think there's enough options to create a Warhol-esque piece!
that's a big gun holster
Damn, I wanted to see the hammer.
alexreager, I would make space on my wall for that!
Haha, that's hilarious. I'm sure he'd appreciate this.

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