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June 28 2012

Mal and Jayne: BFFs? Serenity's two alpha-males make Blastr's list of science fiction's most unlikely friendships.

I saw a sidelink on that page about how the director of Battleship, Peter Berg, blamed Avengers for their lack of financial success:

""Battleship is a film that I would definitely like to do a sequel to. I loved making that film. I had a great time with it. The movie kicked butt internationally, but we kind of ran into a wall when Avengers refused to go away. So what I need everyone to do is go see Battleship now that they've seen Avengers five times. If they do that, we can definitely make a sequel."

There's also the part where Battleship was a bad movie and Avengers was a good one, but whatever.
I always thought that around Season 3, Jayne would betray Mal for the last time and Mal would have to kill him.
What about Angel and Spike? Sure, they only had one season to flesh out their "friendship", but so did Firefly.
I think what solidified Angel & Spike was Italy ;) I don't think I laughed so hard at tv ever until that episode :)
Mal and Jayne never seemed like friends. Their only proof of friendship was that Mal didn't kill him. Mal just treated him like part of his crew. Maybe a close friendship would have evolved but there wasn't one yet.
What I would call a friendship (or the beginning of one) and even more unlikely is the relationship between Jayne and Book. Actually, also the relationship between Mal and Book.
Mal and Jayne were brought together by circumstance. They developed a working relationship together (just barely) but I would never say they were friends. And yes, Mal was ready to kill Jayne without hesitation. Had Mal not gone rogue after the war in the first place, I doubt Jayne was the kind of man he would have tolerated at all.
Personally, I feel Firefly had a few odd BFF pair-ups:

1) Inara Serra and Kaywinnit Lee (Kaylee) Frye: high society Guild Companion with years of specialized training and education vs. Rim world mechanic with only a basic formal education whose job is full of labour work? Totally unbelievable but Morena and Jewel sell the concept of Inara and Kaylee being close against all odds;

2) River Tam and Kaylee: Core-bred super-genius and government-trained living weapon is buddies with aforementioned Rim mechanic? Seems so by River's then-shocking method of defending Kaylee during the raid on Niska's SkyPlex;

3) Derrial Book and Jayne Cobb: Christian preacher and missionary being weight-lifting partner to a amoral mercenary with a taste for nearly every vice on the books (barring drugs...that we know of, but I never saw Jayne as one for mind-altering substances barring booze)? Seems so, since he's probably the only crew member barring Kaylee to an extent to not lecture at Jayne but try and reach the merc's hidden inner conscience;

4) Derrial Book and Malcolm Reynolds: religious man vs. wannabe atheist is never gonna go smooth but can anyone tell me that Mal and Book don't the respect the crap out of each other? Especially Mal's words to Book about being one of his crew when Book was dying after the attack on Haven? Or his willingness to enter the lion's den of an Alliance cruiser to get Book medical help after the shootout on Jianyang?

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