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June 28 2012

'The Avengers' Blu-ray trailer. This'll be out in the States on September 25th. And the trailer for the 10-disc limited-edition Blu-ray collection called "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled" can be found here.

First glimpse of deleted dialogue. Also, the last ten seconds don't play for me.
Neat, I'm still surprised by the US later release date compared to some of the other markets that are getting it either late AUgust or like UK about a week before the US.
Well, don't worry, PTB, it'll probably be up to 650 million by then, and the blu-ray sales will increse that by 50 percent. Already pre-ordered mine.
Oh, money, I'm really going to miss you.
Yes. Cabin in the Woods DVD is coming out at the same time plus the second Buffy Season 8 hardcover.
I just got chills.... Not gonna lie. I am gonna cry when I see the extended footage.....
Have you seen info about CITW on BD, Simon? I've looked around on DVD sites and can't find any info about the release.
I'm going with the theory that it will be out around the same time as the UK release.
I would love that ten-disc collection, but I don't have 3D and won't be getting it soon. Do that many people have it already? Why wouldn't they release a collection without 3D? As a result I won't be buying this and might only buy The Avengers. Seems a missed opportunity.
guidedby: the 10 disc set includes 3D & standard blu-ray.
I understand that. My point is they could offer a cheaper set without the 3D discs. I would buy that.

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