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June 28 2012

Happy birthday to Felicia Day! She turns 33 today.

Felicia has had this growing success over the last few years, so as we celebrate her birthday this year I wish her even more success in the coming year!
Happy Birthday Felicia! Hope she's having a blast :)
Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday Felicia! And me! 33, huh? Damn, I'm still exactly 2 years older. ;)

Gotta say I'm thoroughly loving her arc on Eureka. Such a pleasure to see her weekly on a really entertaining show. And to see her do some damn fine acting to boot.
Well...I've always had a thing for older women, so Felicia being 4 years and 2 weeks older than I am is just fortuitous!


Happy birthday, Felicia!

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Happy Birthday Felicia. Glad to share a birthday with somebody cool.

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