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June 28 2012

AfterElton's 2012 Hot 100 features several familiar faces. Also check out AfterEllen's Hot 100 for a few more Whedony people.

From AfterElton:
#65 Sean Maher
#51 Jeremy Renner
#40 Nathan Fillion
#36 Robert Downey Jr
#22 Tom Hiddleston
#19 Zac Efron
#12 Chris Hemsworth
#7 Chris Evans
#5 Neil Patrick Harris

From AfterEllen:
#98 Eliza Dushku
#76 Clea DuVall
#60 Scarlett Johansson
#58 Cobie Smulders

The whole list makes absolutely no sense. Or we have a very different definition of "hot".
I didn't know Neil Patrick Harris was gay.
Loving the Hiddleston and Hemsworth love <3
daylight: Neil was outed by Perez Hilton in 2006, so he took that opportunity to officially come out.

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