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June 28 2012

(SPOILER) Marvel movie bridging to Avengers 2 revealed. A new addition to the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America sequels that will lead into Avengers 2.

Probably will want to note that this is idle speculation derived from snooping around to see what domain names Marvel is buying. Don't bet the farm on this speculation. Might be true. Might be a load of crap.
I wouldn't listen to this much. According to commenters, including one of the Mods, it's all speculation.
Could be--the internet has on rare occasion been known to produce incorrect speculation presented as fact. I will say that I've been getting news from Latino Review for years, and they're pretty solid.
Latino Review broke the news about the aliens in Avengers, no? Am I remembering that right?

EDIT: And the additional info section, which includes tidbits like "THE SCRIPT IS INCREDIBLE" seems to suggest this is based on more than just what domain names Marvel is buying.

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Latinio Review have a good rep on breaking stuff like this.They broke Brandon Routh as Superman and Heath Ledger as the Joker amoung other scoops.Still,they also a few weeks ago said the Black Panther was the film filling that open 2014 spot.

So we'll see.
Wasn't it also Latino Review that recently broke the news that Black Panther was going to be the next big Marvel film? That was proven wrong per the ComicsBeat site.

But I'm certain I've heard the Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be the next major Marvel film. The article/source went so far as to discuss the specifics that it would NOT be the original Guardians but the relaunched group from the mid-90's.

I'll see if I can find these exact sources and BRB.
Are you guys forgetting the interview with joss where he said marvel let him choose thanos as the villain for the whole saga and ten feige said it wouldn't start to come together and make sense until the guardians of the galaxy
Am I the only one who remembers all the Latino Review Wonder Woman casting rumours? I don't trust a word that site has to say...

Regardless, other sites already picked up on the GotG trademark registrations but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a movie - and I'm not sure how this relates to Joss Whedon specifically...
This is a more official link.

And heres another.

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Personally, I think a Guardians film would need some build-up ala the Avengers, rather than diving right in. Plus, I don't see how they would pull this off so quickly -- 2 years seesm too short for such an effects laden film that hasn't been cast or anything yet (unless they've been prepping behind the scenes for awhile). Whether this article is correct or not, the recent cosmic stories from Marvel have been fantastic, and it's certainly a good way to stretch their universe since so many of their other big properties are licensed away.
Wait a second, Guardians teaming up with Avengers? That's just way too many people (entities) on one team.
They have a script. With a script in hand, two years is plenty of time, considering how quickly the Avengers went from finished script to production to the screen.
Indeed. From the first day of production to the release of Avengers, there was only slightly over a year. Obviously that doesn't take into account preproduction, but I would imagine that's doable in about a year as well. And then before you know it, it's 2014!
bigsofty sure, but Avengers had the built-in advantage in that all the leads had already been cast.

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